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    This site claims to sell 64 pin mod chips

    :omg: I to must second with ZoNeD. I have a 1996 June Malaysia 64pin IC, and purchase the so-called V2 Modchip. At first glance it looks very promising. But in the end all I can get is Audio. Same problem with my Jadman Modchip. I guess I have no choice but to hunt down a 32pin SS...
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    What is the best place to buy a saturn modchip?

    I'm expecting another 200 chips any day now so they will be restocked. 64 pin saturns seem to have more problems to get working but I know they do work (may require another chip to be sent) I've sold hundreds of chips so either people who can't get it to work don't bother returning it or...
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    Modchip > new laser or old

    Actually, I've gotten the chips I sell to work in my 64 pin Saturn but others have not and I don't know why. Trying to figure out the cause.
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    Bad News.... or is it?

    There's always Ebay. Much better buying this way in my opinion.
  5. J mod thread by jandaman

    Gonna try emailing my mod buyers to get a bigger sample size. So far, it looks like PAL 64 pin saturns made in Indonesia aren't having any luck. I'll see what more info I can find
  6. J mod thread by jandaman

    I have gotten the same mod to work in my 64 pin Saturn so I know it does work as have other people. What I'm trying to find out is whether those who can't get it to work have something in common such as model number, date of production, country of production, etc
  7. J mod thread by jandaman

    If the modchip is not getting power, then the cd will not spin. Is this the problem you are seeing with the power on?
  8. J mod thread by jandaman

    Email jandaman @ jandaman . com with your order # and stating you wish to trade for a working 64 pin mod. I'll pull the modchip that's working from my 64 pin saturn and send that.
  9. J mod thread by jandaman

    It's packaged and ready to ship tomorrow
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    How come nobody on here has biz of modding saturns

    I keep a good supply of chips. I was thinking of selling pre-modded systems but obtaining used saturns seems like a small hassle as most sellers are selling system+games
  11. J mod thread by jandaman

    I am not sure how it was doing it, but the first 4in1 I was trying loaded SF3Z fine without any mod being done to it. However, now it won't won't even boot at all so I guess it's dead. I tried other 4in1s and they would boot but would not load SF3Z. I would get some Japanese text. I modifed the...
  12. J mod thread by jandaman

    Saturn #1 Model No.: MK-80000A Made in Malaysia Made: June 1996 64 pin NTSC, round buttons Model # and country of manufacture can be found on the back side where the power supply/av cables go. Date of manufacture is on the underside I bridged point A&B, left the point 0014 bridge as is...
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    MOD from Jandaman is not working on 64pin

    email me your info
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    Action Replay 4M Plus Fix/Mod Q

    Did you purchase the 4in1 from me? I have seen mentioned newer 4in1s already have the mod done, anyone confirm. The manufacturer has told me they have sent the newest 4in1 to me but I have yet to confirm. It's possible they are simply dumping older stock on me.
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    MOD from Jandaman is not working on 64pin

    Just email me your order number and I can send a replacement. I've sold hundreds of chips so far with few complaints. I hope people who are having problems contact me because then I can hopefully find out if it's a certain batch having problems or somethign else.