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    Tute: Successful mod to get colour 60hz in PAL Mega Drives

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd pipe up and pass along a URL - I recently managed to get my PAL Mega Drive to output a colour signal in 60hz following some advice from the NFG guys - it basically makes the Mega Drive output a true PAL60 signal when in 60hz, as opposed to the garbled signal it...
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    Time to judge the Wallpapers for the contest!

    Cheers mate - glad to hear some feedback :) Props out to Daniel's ace Phantasy Star wallpaper. As Phantasy Star is golden. -Mangaman-
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    Saturn Territory mod on a single 3-way switch

    *bump* I tried the switch once, but it didn't work, due more to my ignorance than anything else. I've removed all the connections, re-read everything and I'm trying it again. To ensure I'm actually doing the right thing, could someone confirm that the following diagram is the correct way of...
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    Saturn Territory mod on a single 3-way switch

    Cheers mate - I only had the old address from when I looked at it years ago! -Mangaman-
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    Mod chip help

    Thanks mal - I'll trawl through the threads. Thanks again! -Mangaman-
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    Saturn Territory mod on a single 3-way switch

    Another thread from me today... Well, the topic lines pretty much sum it up - any idea where to find tutes on how to do the territory mod with a single 3-position switch? The two-switch method is messy and I'm looking at doing a clean terriotory mod. Thanks! -Mangaman-
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    Mod chip help

    Hi all, Sorry to add another mod chip thread to the board, but I'm not having any luck atm... I've installed a mod board in my model 2, 21-pin Saturn. It all goes okay, but when it loads up, it always goes to the CD player screen, reads the disc and won't boot *any* games, burnt or original...
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    50/60hz issue on PAL Megadrive

    Hi guys, I was working on an original model PAL Megadrive today (modem port and all) and fitted a 50/60hz switch... everything is fine if I boot in 50hz, reset, then boot in 60hz, but when I try to switch from 50hz to 60hz, the picture rolls and it's running as slow as PAL50; I'm guessing it's...
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    Adding a 50/60hz switch to a 1989 pal sms1

    Another 50/60hz topic... anyhows, I'm adding a 50/60hz switch to a SMS1 which, like the topic states, is missing the usual helpful NTSC/PAL silk-screen. It is a 1989, PAL VA3 board (or so the printing tells me). I checked around, and not only is the SONY/CXK3864 not on the board (the only Sony...
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    Sega Saturn trouble

    Okay, a friend of mine is having some issues with his Saturn... it sounds like his drive is fruity, but I'm not sure on how to fix the problem save buying a second-hand Saturn and replacing the CD-ROM with that one. The following is the description he gave: "As is similar in the Playstation...
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    Dead Genesis Cart Backup Battery

    Sorry to butt in here, but does the same apply for SNES carts? i.e. CR2032 batteries? The day Secret of Mana dies on me I'll be very unhappy... -Mangaman-
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    Universal Console Theory

    Mike, Thanks for all the info. There is one thing I'd like to know, though - with the SMS 1/2, how do you add a language switch? I've been trying everywhere and haven't found out how to do it yet... any thoughts or do you know anywhere with documentation? I've tried on SMS Power but no luck...
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    Universal Console Theory

    I've been thinking about this recently and thought I'd start something up here to confirm my thoughts... To avoid the use of adaptors or what-not, here's my list of consoles with mods added to them which would result in a universal console. All I need to know is will these consoles in theory...
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    PAL60 DC mod...

    Okay, before I get hammered, I recently contacted a store located here in Australia who reckon they can do a mod to a PAL DC to force it to output PAL60. I only bring it up because they're being pricks and aren't going to tell me how it's done. Normal reaction to this is - it's a fake. However...
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    Getting the Megadrive to output 60hz in colour

    Mike, What can I say - you are an absolute legend!!!!! I'll give the mod a whirl tomorrow and post back here with the results... thanks again mate! -Mangaman-