PAL60 DC mod...

Okay, before I get hammered, I recently contacted a store located here in Australia who reckon they can do a mod to a PAL DC to force it to output PAL60. I only bring it up because they're being pricks and aren't going to tell me how it's done.

Normal reaction to this is - it's a fake. However, the store is reliable and have been modding consoles and selling local/import games for yonks. Their site is at

What does everyone think? If you have any thoughts, send them to them and see if they'll give an answer :) I'm pleading with them to spill the beans, but no luck yet.

BTW, for reference, the following are the two replies I received from them:

1: You are most welcome to send in your console for us to modify your PAL console for you to permanent 60 HZ PAL mode. We can set you up with a Return Authorisation number for you to include with your console when you send it in to us. The minimum rate for converting your console is A$35 per hour and the internal modification is currently A$82.50 for the Dreamcast.

2: Unfortunately we cannot pass on the information about the PAL 60 HZ mode, when the PAL DC is forced into 60 HZ there can be some problems with games and loading as it is not 100% reliable.

There was of course some associated niceties at the beginning and end of the e-mail (they're friendly and helpful most of the time), but I snipped them to show the guts of the message.

I'm assuming when he said not 100% reliable he meant that games, like the WinCE games which are agro by default, may not work 100%. That's my guess.

Anywho, I'm off - thought I'd post some food for thought.

Burn are reliable, I've bought stuff off them before, and they modded my PAL DC. That was back in September, and I haven't seen them say they can force them into 60Hz. My PAL DC still runs imports in 50Hz BTW.