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    king of fighters 95 ram cart

    can you download the stuff in the rom cart with a commslink cable?
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    What system is better?

    WOw, I just played ikaruga, and on the first level where you are going over a forest, I acatuly held on to the couch. I have never seen such a realistic game.
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    How does Japan rate their games?

    theyre rated on the sexuality factor. so you will se a e- rated virtua fighter I dont see them anymore though, last ive seen them were on saturn games
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    Help..... me

    I have sent Aaron 3 games a few months ago, and he never responded. a little bit later, scorch makes a topic asking aaron where his games are, since me and scorch traded with him at the same time. Aaron said he will send them out the next week. So here I am 3 weeks later comstantly PMing him...
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    The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Cliché

    my favorite line in an RPG is "...."
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    What system is better?

    ~des-row, i thought u were sexually attached to me..... Ne way, yea. I just bought Ikaruga today. and I got that "feeling" -
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    Where can I buy Virtua Fighter 2 for Genesis? here ya go, for 5 dollars even.
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    n00B here!

    racket lies alot... hes quite a kidder, isnt he.... racket- did u get my pm on SC?
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    n00B here!

    just copy what I do and you will get so much respect like I do ;)
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    HOLY SH**

    probably with
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    Evil Seller/Trader

    ok, Im probably the first to list a evil seller/trader. AAron........ about 3 months ago i sent him my stuff, and then he said he got it, then he said he would send it the next day. He finally pmed me again saying he was on a tour, and he would send the stuff the next week. Here I am 3 weeks...
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    HOLY SH**

    they have sound but it slows it down FUCK
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    Stupid disk-swap mod

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    HOLY SH**

    wow, what a quick project.... about 2 weeks. By the end of the month we will probably have Metal Slug 2 running on DC. :cheers w00t anyway, I have a question on the games... I know that origional neogeo cd games work on it but do the u know whats work on it out of curiosity? PM me to answer...