Bastard Baroque

Bastard Baroque 0.33

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Text replacement for Sentry Angel (Sent,) Neck Thing (Neck,) and Horned Woman (Horn) complete. Other characters have partial text replacement.

Brightness Screen
Sack Thing (Sack)
Archangel (ArchA)
Coffin Man (Cofn)
Illusion (Illu)
Eliza (Elza)
Mind Reading Thing (MRdr)
Urim (Urim) & Thummim (Thum)
Crypt Angel (Crpt)
Box Thing (Box)
Alice (Alic)
Koriel (Kori)
Guardian Angel (GrdA)
Worker Angel (Kill Team) (Kill)
Beheaded Worker Angel (Kill Team) (Kill)
Worker Angel (Research) (Rsch)
Worker Angel (WrkA)
Littles (Litl) & Creator and Preserver (God)
Item Second Check
All items translated in English first pass. Changes to come to unify shorthand.

Attack - atk
Defend/Defense - def
Experience - exp
Damage - dmg
Throw - thr
Gnaw - gn
Penetrate - pen

General Ailments - AIL
Poison - PSN
Paralysis - PRL
Confusion - CNF
Blind- BLN
Stomach Ache - ACH
Lust - LST
Lethargy - LTH
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