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Cinepak->AVI 0.11

CPK-CVT (Saturn Cinepak-> AVI file conversion) Ver0.11

1997.9.11 Tetsu @synnet ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥

<Software introduction>
Of the Saturn video file formats, the Cinepak format (usually with the extension .CPK)
Convert the file to Windows AVI format.
Even if it is called conversion, the data itself is almost a copy, and only the header information etc. are combined.
For the audio part, refer to the Adobe PREMIERE file and do not interleave (audio fa
I'm chopping the ill and putting it between the videos) ... but it's not very effective.
The program was created using Visual Basic V2.0 (EXE) and Visual C ++ 1.0 (DLL).
In addition, we do not support strange (?) Data such as ○ va ○ geri ○ n.

There is cpk2avi in the software with the same function, but it has nothing to do with this program.
(But when you look at the update history and the description of "certain sales promotion software", you can't think of anyone else ...)

<Operating environment>
Windows general purpose
We have confirmed the operation in the following environment
FMV-466D + Windows 95
FLORA DM2 + Windows 3.1 / NT4.0

Copy CPKCVT.EXE and CPKCVT.DLL to an appropriate directory.
Note that CPKCVT.EXE and CPKCVT.DLL do not work unless they are in the same directory.
Also, prepare VBRJP200.DLL. (Usually put under Windows \ System)

Delete CPKCVT.EXE and CPKCVT.DLL and CPKCVT.INI created in the same directory.

<How to use>
After starting CPKCVT.EXE and specifying the conversion source and conversion destination, you can convert by pressing the execute button.
To specify the conversion source and conversion destination, a file selection dialog is displayed by pressing the browse button.
Please select appropriately as it will be possible. The file name of the conversion destination is entered by default.
For the conversion destination directory, specify a location with sufficient free space.
Multiple files can be selected as the conversion source. In this case, the conversion destination file name cannot be specified.
(File name.WAV / File name.AVI)
Wildcards can also be used at the conversion source. In this case as well, specify the conversion destination file name.
I can't.
If you select the "Delete later" option of the WAV file, it will be output in the middle of conversion.
Delete the audio file after outputting the AVI file.
However, if the conversion source data is only audio data, the "Delete later" option is selected.
Even if it is done, the WAV file will not be deleted.
Conversion is (1) initial setting (2) WAV file creation (3) AVI file creation ((4) WAV file deletion)
It will be done in order.

FMV-466D (Pent.ODP 83MHz / RAM 44MB) + double speed CD-ROM for the opening of "certain sales promotion software" [* 1]
When you convert the game (GAME_00.CPK: about 26MB),
CD-ROM → HD direct conversion 3 minutes 50 seconds
CD-ROM → HD copy 1 minute 20 seconds + HD → HD conversion 2 minutes 50 seconds = 4 minutes 10 seconds
The result was that.
It depends on the environment, but it is better to convert directly from the CD-ROM.

[* 1] The author bought the SS body and Ceres, which was addicted to Le Earth (^^;

<Bugs, restrictions>
・ Because the capacity of the output destination is not checked, please be careful about the free space.
・ Data with a total number of frames exceeding about 16000 (about 100 to 200MB?) Cannot be converted.
・ As I wrote earlier, data that contains garbage (?) Every 800H, such as ○ Va ○ Geri ○ n
It does not correspond to. (Where is the original data?)
・ If the CPK-CVT does not appear on the screen due to a change in resolution, the CPK-CVT has been terminated.
Please delete CVKCVT.INI with.

<File list>
CPKCV010.LZH has the following files.
[FileName]: [Date] / [Size]
CPKCVT.TXT: 97.09.11 00:11:00 / 5695… This file
CPKCVT.EXE: 97.09.11 00:11:00/30780 ... CPK-CVT body
CPKCVT.DLL: 96.05.18 00:00:00 / 4544… DLL

This program is free software. There are no conditions such as confirmation regarding redistribution,
Please distribute in the original form.

We will not be liable for any loss caused by using this program.

Be careful when handling the converted data, and do not use it for any purpose other than personal enjoyment.

Please do not ask any questions to SEGA or other manufacturers regarding this program.
Also, I bought only the software even though I didn't have Saturn, or the ending first
We do not accept complaints such as seeing and not wanting to play the game
Please note (^^;)

<Update history>
Fixed a bug that the lower half of the V0.11 display is strange (thanks> people who provided information)

Corrected that the length value in the V0.10 image chunk was incorrect (also called OSR2 countermeasure)
Disable the [Browse] button during conversion
V0.09 If the audio is 8-bit monaural, an AVI file that cannot be played may be generated.
Fixed a bug (Thanks to those who provided the information)
Enabled to use wildcards in the conversion source file name
Many other minor corrections
If a file with the same name already exists at the V0.08 output destination, there will be dust at the back of the converted data.
Remaining bug fixes (to create a new file after deleting an existing file)
Modified so that files with only audio data can be converted (I think)
V0.07 The display time in frame units was corrected to some extent.
(Until now, the display time in frame units was ignored ...)
V0.06 Fixed abnormal termination with a file without audio data
A warning is displayed when there is no "FILM" character string in the header.
Changed to save the previous window position and conversion destination directory
Changed to put the argument at startup in the conversion source
Fixed a bug that audio is abnormal with 44kHz data
Added multiple selection of V0.05 files and deletion function of .WAV
Bug that the program remains in the task list when exiting from the control box
I made this file
V0.04 Supports similar non-interleaving of voice data
Bug fix in index information generation
Create a V0.03 [reference] button
V0.02 8-bit PCM conversion error correction
V0.02 It was too slow, so part of the processing was moved to DLL
V0.01 It worked for the time being

Oh! X September 1995 issue
VFW.H file in VC ++

If you have any bugs or requests, please contact the above.
# However, the response is very poor because you can only see it once every two to three weeks m (..) m
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