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Cinepak->VfW AVI Converter 0.08

cpk2avi --Saturn Cinepak-> VfW AVI Converter Version 0.08

May 25, 1996 Pootaro

★ Function

cpk2avi is the Cinepak format used by Saturn
Video files to Video for Windows RIFF AVI format

Even in a format where the audio stream of a certain "diarrhea sound" is separated
Added support for converting only video.

However, voice is not supported.

★ How to use

Usage: cpk2avi [-i -v | -p] cpkfile avifile

For cpkfile, specify the conversion source Cinepak file, and for avifile
Specify the conversion destination AVI file (WAVE file when -p option is selected)
To do. The extension cannot be omitted.

-i: Display detailed information. Format if avifile is not specified
Display information and exit.
-v: Ignore audio and convert only video.
-p: Create WAVE data by extracting only audio.

> cpk2avi game_00.cpk rayop.avi

The opening Cinepak of a certain sales promotion software (laughs) [* 1] is called "rayop.avi"
Convert to AVI format with file name. Conversion speed depending on the environment
Is different, but it took about 2 minutes (HDD-> HDD) in the author's environment (^^;

Writeback caches such as smartdrv to improve conversion speed
It will be mandatory. Also, depending on the data size, it is converted directly from the CD-ROM.
It is faster to copy it to the HDD and then execute it than to do it.

If you have an AVI editing tool such as a video editor, please use the tool once.
Re-edit to optimize frame placement and frame rate according to environment
If you convert it, you can play it more smoothly.

But be prepared for the huge amount of time it takes to optimize ... (^^;

> cpk2avi -p game_00.cpk rayop.wav

Extract only the audio and extract the opening WAVE data of a certain sales promotion software

(*) Refer to the environment variable TMP or TEMP for index information.
And create a temporary file "$ cpkavi $". Set as much as possible
Please give me. If it is not set, it will be created in the current state. On this occasion,
If the CD-ROM drive is current, you will not be able to create temporary, so
Please be careful.

[* 1] The author bought the SS body for this (^^;
It was sold at about 3K, and it was just sales promotion software, but recently somewhere
Price has been controlled by pressure (; _;)

★ Operating conditions

MS-DOS general purpose

★ Caution

・ The author is responsible for any inconvenience caused as a result of using this program.
I can not take responsibility. Please use at your own risk.

・ Keep the converted video / audio data within your personal range of use.

・ If you have any questions about this program to SEGA or other manufacturers,
Never do it.

・ This program is free software. For non-commercial purposes such as Q2
Reprinting is free. However, do not modify the files in the archive.
It's fine even after the fact, so I would appreciate it if you could contact me as much as possible.

-In the current version, optimization of frame placement and audio interleaving
Since it has not been done, it may be slow to play. The synchronization is still perfect
Please forgive this area as there is no such thing. These issues are for the future.

-For "diarrhea sound", the compression format of the voice data "* .adp" is unknown, so
It does not correspond. Maybe CD-ROM XA? Information request (; _;) /

★ References

・ Oh! FM TOWNS February 1994 issue
・ Oh! X September 1995 issue

★ Acknowledgments

Thanks to everyone who reported various operations and everyone at Saturn-ML.
To do.

★ Contact information

Click here for your opinions.

Nifty KHB17700
Night night YEN0511 (closed)

Many others

E-mail:, etc.

★ History

Version 0.01 1995/10/14
・ It worked for the time being

Version 0.02 1995/10/16
-WAVE files can be created

Version 0.04 1995/10/25
-Eliminate allocation errors that occur when converting huge data (over 50MB)
-Fixed frame rate calculation error
-Fixed 8-bit PCM conversion error (signed-> unsigned)

Version 0.08 1996/05/25
-Supports files without audio streams so that only video can be converted.
First release
Last update
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