Cubecat 1.0.3

the eponymous quadrilateral equilateral isosceles feline of the somewhat affine textured variety is a great product to stock on your store shelves this holiday season

as of january 2024 its a very solid demo showing that with more content & work it will be a title worthy of standing up with the big names of the 90s
Love this game! Very fun. Having a blast playing. Thank you to the developer.
First off, the graphics are very nice to look at. I liked the yarn aesthetic, and I thought the specific colors were very cozy-feeling. One of the better Saturn homebrew platformers to look at :D

The controls are alright, though I will say there should definitely be a run button. Pouncing everywhere got a bit tiring. I also think the platforming would flow better if you could jump out of pounce if you hadn't already used the double jump prior, and if the pounce immediately stopped falling momentum(it takes a second currently and screwed my out of some jumps.

Overall, I think it's a fantastic Saturn platformer that will most certainly get even better with time. Cats are cute.