Cubecat 1.0.3

Cubecat 1.0.3 changelog

General Bug Fixes:
Fixed bell counter that broke in previous update
Fixed polygon lighting bugs on Cubecat and yarn models

Added more sound effects back into the game and changed default to SFX ON
-if you are encountering any crashes turn them off to see if that helps-
I still haven't pinpointed where the problem is

Added ability to cancel out of aiming a dash by pressing the A button
- when on ground this results in a jump
- when in air this results in falling

Enabled analog support for 3d controller(experimental)
-You can turn it on and off from the options menu
-Enables analog movement on the stick and analog camera sensitivity on the triggers

Added Further control settings in the options menu:
-Camera Speed: Adjusts the maximum camera rotation speed (set it from 1 to 5), default is 3
-Invert Camera: inverts the L/R camera rotation

Title Screen:
-There is one now

Level 1:
Implemented LOD system
- Leave draw distance at the default now for best results
- slowdown might still occur at rare camera angles, but from my testing it
seems stable in gameplay critical areas

That's it for this update. The Hub and Level 2 may not get the full LOD treatment
for a while, as building the Low LODs by hand is VERY time consuming and makes
editing levels difficult. Going to spend the foreseeable future building out more content first.
The last update ended up revealing a DMA timing bug on real hardware that broke Cubecat's model and lighting. I'm going to look into it further, but this update seems to fix it for now
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v1.0.2 changelog;
General Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Intro Blurb Text displayed when pressing Z
- Removed random debug text that appeared on screen
- Improved Alignment of background scrolls
- Moved Bell counter below health to avoid clipping off top of screen
- Fixed Rats Jittering up and down
- Stopped vertical camera offset from resetting after every jump
- Fixed backface display of double sided geometry (fences)

Hub World Changes:
-Minor texture updates and geometry tweaks
Level 1 changes:
-Raised default draw distance to 1200
-texture updates and geometry tweaks
-minor adjustments to entity placements
Level 2 Changes:
-Raised default draw distance to 1000
-Removed erroneous entities and a weird checkpoint placement
-minor texture updates and geometry tweaks

Thats it for now- Next update will hopefully add back in missing SFX
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