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Freewing PS/SS Link 0.51

PS/SS Link Ver0.51
Copyright (c)1997 FREE WING
98/11/10 URL and MAIL address changed. No change to the program itself

Incomplete Manual (What is a decent manual??)

This program uses PS-PAR/SS-PAR+COMSLINK
It can be controlled by [basic command unit].
It also supports my own printer port version I/F.

Regarding the communication protocols of PS-PAR and SS-PAR, K-Comm.
I used the analysis article of.

Command line (same for SSLINK)
PSLINK [option] <command number> [parameter]

usage: PSLINK [/<opt>] <command> [param1 [param2 [param...]]]
/p: Port Address default=0320H(ex. /P0320)
/l: Link Device 0=ComsLink default=ComsLink
2=LPT_98 (fix=0140H)
/i: Suppress Information(for coprocess CALL)
/s: No send Stop[02H] before PAR Command
/r: No send Resume[0DH] after PAR Command
/?: This HELP

/P link board port address
/L link device
/I Hide information (Call Copro)
/S Do not send "02" before sending command
/R Do not send "0D" when command ends

Hidden option "/DEBUG" debug information output

Parameter does not have range checking
<> Parameters in parentheses are required
Parameters in [] brackets are optional

If you specify the address "/P0310" on PC98, it will work with the game link.
(Details unknown because there is no actual machine)

Detailed information such as the meaning of parameters is Oh! MAGICOM No. 8
Please refer to the article by K-Comm.

★Internal operation (for PS)
Send PRE "02" (suppress with /S)
Send the specified command
Send POST "0D" (suppress with /R)

★Internal operation (for SS)
Send the specified command

★Future outlook
There is no particular, I think it corresponds to the phase direction interface of THUMP! specifications.

★ How to check the operation
Each sucks out the contents of RAM. PAR menu screen or
Can be executed in GAME with PAR

PSLINK 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 80000000 200000 CommsLink 0320H
PSLINK /P310 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 80000000 200000 CommsLink 0310H(PC98 GAME LINK)
PSLINK /L1 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 80000000 200000 DOS/V Printer 0378H
PSLINK /L1 /P278 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 80000000 200000 DOS/V Printer 0278H
PSLINK /L2 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 80000000 200000 PC98 Printer (Operation not confirmed)

SSLINK 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 6000000 200000 CommsLink 0320H
SSLINK /P310 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 6000000 200000 CommsLink 0310H(PC98 GAME LINK)
SSLINK /L1 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 6000000 200000 DOS/V Printer 0378H
SSLINK /L1 /P278 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 6000000 200000 DOS/V Printer 0278H
SSLINK /L2 01 DOWNLOAD.DAT 6000000 200000 PC98 Printer (Operation not confirmed)

Change history
Ver0.5 97/10/23
There is no significant change in operation from Ver0.4.
Compatible with PC98 printer for the time being (operation not confirmed)
Enabled to specify MODE when uploading
(This makes the parameter specification order start address, mode, length)
Bug fix when LENGTH is not specified by UpLoad command (Iruka-san Thanx!)

Ver0.51 97/10/31
Returned the printer PAR control engine to the method of Ver0.4
98/11/10 URL and MAIL address change

★ Notice
The following processing is not built into my software
・Destroy or delete system files
・Format HDD (There is no FAT deletion of HDD.)
・Send personal information (There is no unauthorized transmission of personal information.)
· Cannot be reinstalled (the one who writes information in a strange place)
(Supplement: Cyrix's cache control software is a long time ago.
Bold to write installation information in the boot area of the HDD
It seems that you were doing something. )
・Logic bomb (what is it?)
* This kind of mad processing was incorporated into some software, including Japan
There seems to be things.

Please let us know if you know the specific software name and behavior.

-It will work even after midnight.

★ Known bug

The printer did not work on PC-9821La10.

★ Precautions

The author is not responsible for any loss due to this program,
Please take responsibility by the user.

However, please let us know if you have any problems such as bugs. Deal as much as possible

★ Copyright claims

The copyright of this program belongs to the author.
This program is free software.

★About usage conditions

If you have no morals about software, or if you are nervous, use this software,
≪Prohibit possession.
Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

★ Reprint

Not allowed

★ About distribution

There are no particular restrictions on distribution, but the contents of the archive file are modified.
Please go without changing.
LHA is used for archive and ISH is used for binary text conversion.
please use it.
(Please do not use .ZIP.ARC.PAK.MAJ etc. as it will be confusing.)

Also, it will be free of charge excluding actual expenses such as media fee and shipping fee.

★ Other

Please email to the following ID for your opinions, wishes, campaigns, etc.

★ Contact
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