GDEMU Games List Generator

GDEMU Games List Generator 1.6

Update (18/03/2024)
  • Updated 'GDEMU Games List Generator', Now it should be able to detect any game with either ' DISC 1' or ' (DISC 1)' on the end and show it as having none as well as hide the associated DISC 2, DISC 3 and DISC 4 much better than it did before.


Update (11/03/2024)
  • Updated 'GDEMU Games List Generator' to v1.5, It now will only generate a 'GDEMU Games.txt' file when you open your sd card and click save games list, On loading up your sd card it will automatically rename games with Disc 1 to 6 in them and remove the duplicates so it will list your individual games and give you a more accurate count of them as well as saving the amount and how much free space you have left on your sd card to the txt file.

(27/07/2023) - Updated my 'GDEMU Games List Generator' app to now include how much free space your sd card has left in the created text file as well as show you on the app itself.
This is great if like me you like to keep the list of games you have on the sd card and how much space is left on it handy so you can keep track of what you have as well as share it if needed, I keep a copy of this on my pastebin account.
I recommend going through your list of games on the sd card and renaming the multidisc games to remove the Disc 1, Disc 2 etc from the end of the title in order for this app to work correctly when it comes to generating a proper Games list by removing duplicates, There not really needed at the end of the titles as it tells you on the info section to the right of the screen and you would have put them in the right order anyway.
made a smaller (dimensionally) version as some people mentioned they weren't seeing all of the buttons.
tweaked output text files to save under different names:
GamesList-Discs.txt - for the full list of gdi's on your sd card.
GamesList-Games.txt - for just the games list.

also made other misc tweaks.