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pfview 0.03

Sega Saturn version Pretty Sammy image viewer

This program is Sega of NEC Inter Channel Co., Ltd.
Saturn version Magical Girl Pretty Sammy "Awesome physical measurement! Nuclear explosion"
5 seconds ago! !! Of Magical Girl Pretty Sammy "Heart Feeling"
Image data in BMP format used in Windows
The program to convert.

Files with the extension .pf1 in the ev and sys folders
Only can be converted.
Some data may not be convertible.

"how to use"
Please run pfview.exe.
After that, select "File" from the menu and select "Open File"
please. Then select the file you want to convert and it will appear.
If you want to save the displayed content, click "File" in the menu.
Select it and select "Save As".
Alternatively, select "Edit" and then "Copy" to the clipboard.
Copy it, select "Edit" with another software, and select "Paste".

Please use the converted image data only for your personal enjoyment.

This program is free software.
I take responsibility for any problems caused by this program
I don't have it.

history.txt contains the history of this program.

From Version0.02, files in the FACE directory are also supported.
When the face data is displayed, the face, three mouths and three eyes are displayed at the top,
This is the original data. And below that a combination of them
It is displayed in a 3X3 pattern. When saving the file,
Only 3X3 patterns are saved.

From Version0.03, the bug that the size is wrong when saved is eliminated.

Makoto Yokoi
First release
Last update
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