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Saturn CinePack to VfW Beta 26

Cinepack.exe β26 version for Windows95
Saturn CinePack-> Video for Windows Cinepack + α

Convert Sega Saturn's CPK and CAK cinepak movies to Windows AVI.
Play CRI ADX directly. Or convert it to a Windows Wave file.

[How to use]
(Convert to Windows AVI)
"Convert" button (or file menu) to convert a movie
Please use (select from).
When the music panel is open, close the panel with the "Close" button, and then
Use the "Convert" button. (Because the function collides with the one described later)
After that, you will be asked for the save destination after a while, so specify the save destination and file name.
Please give me. At this time, I do not know if there is free space in the save destination, so
Save it in a location with sufficient free space.
If the extension is CAK, a temporary file will be created once, so its capacity is also large.
Please take it into account. The temporary save destination can be changed as an option.
Due to the interleaving of video and audio, CPK is slightly more than the original file.
It gets bigger.

(Play CRI ADX directly to convert to Windows Wave file)
Use the Open button (or select from the File menu) to play the audio
Please give me. A dialog will appear, so specify the file you want to play.
Currently, audio can only be played with ADX, ACX, CAK, and STZ specifications.
A panel for music will be displayed, so if you play it with the play button, you will hear a sound.
As for ACX and STZ, one file contains multiple sounds, so it appears on the right.
Please specify the index number before playing.
On the keyboard, up / down / left / right is the index increase / decrease, Enter is the play / stop toggle.
is. At this time, click the "Convert" button to convert the currently open audio file to WAVE.
Can be converted.
You will be asked for the save destination, so specify the save destination and file name as in the case of movie conversion.
Please save. (For ACX, the index is added to the default filename
I will. )
STZ automatically analyzes, so it takes time to open.

(About options)
The Options button is primarily an option for ADX.
Adjustment of the first and second filters, magnification of sound amplification, temporary storage destination,
You can specify whether to convert only audio during CAK conversion.
Currently, the filter value is my own judgment, so please try various things.
(You can't change the sound to your liking (^^;)
The first is to suppress the treble range, and the second and third are to change the coefficient of the filter 2 taps.
The default is 1 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd filters, and the volume is medium.
If you think the treble is strong, increase the first.

Changed to be able to check for overflow during ADX playback.
By default, I don't think it will overflow first, but it's possible
Some may overflow, so for the time being.

For frame completion for CD-ROM, frame according to the seek of CD-ROM.
Please note that it is a complement and the file will be hidden by that amount.

Since the initialization file is used from β18, the previous option remains as it is.
Will remain. Make changes if necessary.

Automatic header parsing checks if a file with the extension ADX contains more than one ADX
It will be checked automatically. The numbers in the header have different meanings depending on the game,
Only compatible with Sakura Wars 2. Rather, for now, Sakura Wars 2,
Only in Grandia, this format is available. .. ..

For audio-only conversion, the name cannot be specified and the original save destination is the original.
A WAV with a different file name extension is created.

Changed to capture audio from the outside. It is still provisional, so there is a problem
maybe. Typical WAVE formats (PCM, MS-ADPCM, IMA-ADPCM,
I experimented with CCITT A-Law ・ u-Law, GSM611, etc.), but I haven't investigated all of them, so
Some things are unclear what will happen. .. .. (^^;

You can specify how much to shift the audio when interleaving.
It may not make much sense, but give it a try.

Regarding changing the audio format, here is the compression routine
Rather than preparing it, leave it to an external application and connect it by yourself
I would like to take a method.
Even with AVI, if you have a CODEC, you can use RIFF MP3, so
The file is smaller and the sound is cleaner if you use it.
I can make it sound, so ... (^^;

For interleaving, the file will be a bit larger, but at full machine performance
We sacrifice some file size to make it work.
(Since the origin of the name of AVI is Audio Video Interleave (^^;)
Interleave has been the basis of this software from the beginning, so I have to change this

The loop during playback loops everything that can be looped.
Please note that if you leave it alone, it will not stop forever.
There are some things that do loop even though they do not loop in the game,
This is because it loops faithfully to the header (^^;
At the time of WAVE conversion, about one time is saved.

Seeking a file only supports moving by dragging the scroll bar.

The extension is different, but it is actually .ACX.
(Since it is included in the corresponding file, you can select it by clicking "Open")

Gillen's Ambition 00000003.bin (In-game dialogue)

Sakura Wars 2 \ SAKURA1 \ ADVADX1.VCE (line in the game)
\ SAKURA1 \ ADVADX2.VCE (line in the game)
\ SAKURA1 \ ADVADX3.VCE (line in the game)

1997/6/27 β2 version 1998/1/12 β3 version
1998/4/29 β4 version 1998/4/29 β5 version
1998/5/2 β6 version 1998/5/2 β7 version
1998/5/4 β8 version 1998/5/7 β9 version
1998/5/10 β10 version 1998/5/11 β11 version
1998/5/13 β12 version 1998/5/13 β13 version
1998 / 5/14 β14 version 1998/5/19 β15 version
1998/5/22 β16 version 1998/5/25 β17 version
1998/6/3 β18 version

1998/6/6 β19 version
Supports extension .STZ for playback and conversion.
(Grandia, Grandia Digital Museum \ Field \ GM * .STZ)
Also compatible with Sakura Wars 2 compound ADX. (Optional "Automatic header parsing")
Supports file seek and position display during playback.
Fixed minor bugs.

1998/6/16 β20 version
Display bug crushing. Let's make an icon for the app.
Fixed the problem that the left and right sides were sometimes misaligned in the case of stereo when seeking during playback.
For the time being, it supports drag and drop of files.
Dragging to the window is not supported.
Stopped double the volume up and changed to 16 times.
Change to audio-only conversion instead of leaving audio in the CPK & CAK option.
Enabled to import WAVE files from the outside during CPK & CAK conversion.

1998/6/17 β21 version
Display system improvement.
Return the countermeasures for CPK where the frame stopped at about β6 is uneven.
(Kuovadis, Eva, etc.)
Fixed the problem that the external audio was not captured properly.

1998/6/19 β22 version
Bug fixes.
Improved time display.

1998/6/24 β23 version
Fixed a bug in idx chunk calculation.
Fixed to shift the interleave.

1998/12/6 β24 version
Change the filter.

1998/12/8 β25 version
Further change the filter.

1998/3/1 β26 version
Fixed to optimize frames if there are uneven frames.
(The size of AVI has increased accordingly)
I tried to properly select CAKs with different extensions. (Select from all files)
Other detailed reviews.

This program is my personal creation.
Please note that it has nothing to do with SEGA or CRI.
Use the data for personal viewing only.
Please note that reprinting is prohibited.
L. C. M
First release
Last update
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Thanks so much for this!
Since there was never an official soundtrack release for Grandia: Digital Museum, this allows for the conversion of the STZ file format containing its music.