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Saturn Memory Dump for Windows95 0.7

[Title] Saturn Memory Dump "SSDUMP.EXE" v0.7
[File Name] SSDUMP07.LZH
[Category] Development tools
[Creation/Production] PI.
[Operating environment] Microsoft Windows95 + SATURN ProActionReplay or X-TERMINATOR
[Required DLL] MFC40.DLL, MSVCRT40.DLL
[Reproduction conditions] 1. Do not reprint where information charges are collected
2. Responsibility is responsible for problems that occur at the destination
[Remarks] The latest version will be distributed at
It will also be distributed on YASTY-Serve.

☆ Purpose

Remodeling tool "Pro Action Replay" that is commercially available for Saturn
Use the "EC Starminator" and the dedicated interface board to make a memo

☆Before use

An interface board is required for execution. "Comslink" "Game Re
It is marketed as "link".

MFC40.DLL and MSVCRT40.DLL are required as DLLs, so please obtain each one.

This program is for Windows 95 only. Does not work on Windows NT3.51/4.0

☆ Usage

When you execute it, "Waiting for reply" is displayed in the lower right, waiting for a response from Saturn
It will be in the state of being.

First, set the port. Option (O)|I/O port (P).
After selecting, select File | Stop Download (S) to cancel once.
*For PC-98, set the port to 310 (default value).

After that, if you start the game from SS-PAR or X-T in the mode that can be linked
Communication is established and the memory contents are displayed.

Use the scroll bar or the following keys to move. The key notation is Windows
Virtual key code of.

VK_UP $10 back
VK_DOWN $10 Forward
VK_PRIOR $100 Back
VK_NEXT $100 ahead
VK_HOME $10000 Back
VK_END $10000 Forward
VK_F5 Reload

In addition, the dialog opens with Move (G)|Move to specified address (A).
You can also directly specify the destination address.

The movement range is not 32bit full, but limited to the range of $00000000 to $10000000

Depending on the move address, unauthorized access to the memory-mapped I/O may occur.
Be careful as the entire stem may stop.

☆About menu

It does not work because the file saving relationship and Development mode are not implemented.

Quick jump (memory individual move in move menu) I investigated
Based on the results.

☆ Supplementary items, other

・In an environment where modified code search using normal links does not work,
It does not move.

-Links using the printer port + adapter are not supported.

・In principle, we will not provide support. Those who say "it won't move!"
Please give up thinking it wasn't there. Those who say "Files are gone"
Is also the same. AT YOUR OWN RISC.

・The icon is the same as the MFC icon. Looking for Saturn icon.

☆ Future development

・Development mode (working with Saturn's runtime routine)
・Debugger using register dump and user break register

・Original game, demo (do you do it?)

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