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SoundPlayer for Astal 1.00

/************************************************* ********************************/
/* Program name: ASTALVP. EXE Ver. 1.00 */
/* Eye: Hayakawa Hayakawa-san listens to the voice and soaks in a happy mood. */
/* Machine Noh: Audio file of the Sega Saturn game "Kaisei Densetsu Astaru" */
/* Play and convert files to WAVE format. */
/* Production: Copyright (C) 1995 USA */
/************************************************* ********************************/

1. Overview
This program is an audio file of the Sega Saturn game "Kiki Crystal Legend Astar"
It is for playing and converting to Windows WAVE files.

2. Operating environment
Operating environment is as follows
(1) model
A model that runs MS-Windows. 486 or higher is recommended.
FM-Towns IIMX is recommended for playback. (Nearly)
(2) Operating system
MS-Windows 3.1 or
MS-Windows NT3.5 (Win16 emulation)
(3) CD-ROM device
CD-ROM device compatible with CD-ROM XA
Double speed or higher recommended.
(4) Sound board
16Bit/44.1KHz/stereo on Windows
A board that can play WAVE files.
(5) Memory
Requires a free area of approximately 1.5MB or more on Windows.
(Required in physical memory. Playback is tattered when swap occurs.)
(6) CD for the Sega Saturn game "Keisei Densetsu Astaru"

3. how to use
(1) From the file manager, enter ASTALVP. By double-clicking on EXE
Please start.
(2) Enter the asterical PCM file name or press the browse button to
Please select a PCM file.
(3) Press the audition button to read the file from the CD-ROM and convert it to WAVE
Play while playing. It takes a while to start because the conversion takes a long time.
*The reason the sound is interrupted at regular intervals on the way is due to buffer switching.
(4) You can interrupt the playback by pressing the pause button during playback. However, during the hourglass
Cannot be interrupted. Sometimes it will return to the arrow, so please press it immediately. (Omission)
(5) When you press the Convert button on WAVE, you will be asked for the conversion destination file name.
Enter the WAVE file name. Click the OK button to start conversion.
When the conversion is completed, the message "Conversion completed" will be displayed.
*Please specify a drive with enough free space as the conversion destination.
(6) Size of PCM file read buffer when option in menu is selected
You can change the. You can set from a minimum of 1.5 MB to a maximum of 150 MB.
When it is 150 MB, it should ring at the end even if it is read in batch. (I try
I don't. )
* If you make the buffer large, it will be late to start ringing and it will be difficult to interrupt.

4. problem
 Since I made it properly in a short period of time, I am pulling out hands here and there. Laugh and forgive
Please give me. Also, since I used the multimedia API of Windows for the first time,
 It's a rather amusing program. Especially for the reason of reproduction
It is fatal that the sound is interrupted at the timing. In media player properly
I think that there is some way because it sounds without interruption, but if there is a good way for someone
please tell me. By the way, I used an API called waveOutWrite().
This discontinuity is hardly noticeable on FM-Towns IIMX.
Also, for some reason, "Noro Vision" (IBM's first PS/V Vision),
There is a phenomenon of falling, and we are rushing to pursue the cause. Someone worked on Vision
Please report if there are people.

5. Saturn miscellaneous feelings
Aster is not a CD playing BGM that is often done with a PC engine, but a PCM
-While reading the file, and playing it in 44.1 KHz, 16 Bit, stereo
is. I think this is astounding, to be clear. Play on Windows
Despite the fact that the processing is quite heavy, Saturn does it with the action game BGM.
It's great because it's ringing. Recommended because the game itself can be played moderately
is. Saturn is still a small number of software, but the quality is good, so do not lose to PS
I want you to do your best. For the time being, I want you to make a "toki memo" quickly.

6. Precautions
This program is freeware. When reprinting, except Q2 net,
No specific contact is required. (Who is reprinted?)
The author cannot compensate for any problems that occur using this program.
Please use at your own risk.
Enjoy personally the WAVE file converted by this program and the recorded sound
Please do not use other than.

7. contact information
Please send your impressions, requests, bug information, anger emails, etc. to the following. I'll send you a letter.

NIFTY-Serve GBD03671 USA (Yoshihiro Usami)

P. S. Cooperation with Astal's PCM format information and icons
Thanks to Kuma. Thanks.
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