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SS FILM Parser for ActiveMovie/DirectShow 0.15

SS FILM Parser for ActiveMovie / DirectShow
version 0.15
Copyright (C) 1998 Nobuyuki NISHIZAWA

This program has a format type of'cvid' among SS video files (FILM).
Plays what is (usually the extension CPK) on Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
ActiveMovie / DirectShow filter for. ActiveMovie 1.0 is the Internet
Included in the distribution of Explorer 3.02, etc., ActiveMovie 2.0 is Internet Explorer
It is included in the standard distribution of 4.0 / 4.01. Currently, Active Movie 2.0 is
It is inherited by DirectShow.
This version has various restrictions such as not being able to seek.

[How to use]
Since this program refers to MSVCRT.DLL, \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM (in NT)
Please put MSVCRT.DLL under% SystemRoot% \ system32). (MSVCRT.DLL is
Please obtain it separately. It is a redistributable module of Visual C ++, so it is available.
It seems easy. )
There are two ways to install this program.
(Note) If you have already installed version 0.15 or earlier, before installation
Please uninstall it.

(1) How to use install.bat
It's an easy way.
Put, ssfparse.inf, instal.bat in the same directory and install the directory
Please execute install.bat in the file. The filter body,
The installation information file ssfparse.inf is \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM (on NT)
It will be copied to% SystemRoot% \ system32). At the same time associate the player with the extension cpk
Is included. This will double-click the file with the extension CPK in Explorer.
By doing so, the player will start automatically. The original file is an instrument
You can delete it after the file.
To uninstall, click "Add Application" in Control Panel.
Select "and remove" and select "SS Film" from the list box on the "Install and Remove" tab.
After selecting "Parser for ActiveMovie / DirectShow", "Add / Remove (R) ..."
Please push the tongue.

(2) How to do it by hand
People who don't want to pollute \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM, don't want to be allowed to associate extensions
It's for people, but it's a little annoying.
Place in your preferred directory and from the command line
Enter. This will make in that directory a DirectShow fill.
It will be registered as a data (it must not be deleted). Extension association etc. as needed
Please do it yourself.
When uninstalling
regsvr32 / u
Enter, and delete the contents of the registry appropriately if necessary.
(revsvr32.exe is usually located in \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM (% SystemRoot% \ system32 on NT)
I will. )

[Technical information, etc.]
Inside this program, FILM format data is displayed with a DirectShow filter.
It's just converting it into a format that it can handle. Actually compressed video
The video for Windows driver usually deploys the data.

The GUID of this filter is
Also, the MEDIA SUBTYPE of the FILM format file stream is

[Rights, etc.]
Nobuyuki Nishizawa owns the copyright of this program and documents.
This program is free to use.
About the contents of this program and documents, and the results of using them
However, the author (Nishizawa) does not take any responsibility.

I referred to a part of the source of acpk2avi by Yuta Taga.
Thank you very much.

Be able to seek.
CAK compatible.
Add property.
Publishing the source (separated from the DirectShow SDK source).

[References, etc.]
source code of acpk2avi
ActiveMovie SDK
DirectX Media SDK 5.1
Video for Windows 1.1 SDK

version 0.1 [1998-04-22]
The first version of this program. For testing.

version 0.11 [1998-05-03]
Fixed stereo PCM data not playing correctly.
Fixed that files without audio information could not be played.

version 0.12 [1998-05-06]
Fixed 8-bit PCM data not playing correctly.
Fixed an incorrect filter registration method. (document)
Partially implemented IMediaPosition. It is now possible to display the length (time) of data.

version 0.13 [1998-05-06]
Because I forgot that Windows 8-bit PCM data is unsigned
Fixed insufficient correction regarding data playback of version 0.12 8-bit PCM
Corrected. (thanks to GANA)

SSFParse version 0.14 [1998-05-28]
Renamed to ssfparse
GUID change.
The media type is now set when calling DllRegisterServer.
Add install.bat.

version 0.15 [1998-06-29]
Supports ActiveMovie 1.0.
Documents for 2000. (Lol)

First release
Last update
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