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SS-SDK Macintosh Graphic Tools JUNE’96

3D Editor1.72US
Downloads textured or shaded 3D Models
• file types:
model: open: SEGA3D, DXF save: SEGA3D
texture: open: PICT, DGT2, SEGA2D, save: SEGA2D
• bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color
• provides model rotation, scaling, and lighting effects

MapEditor1.81E & ScreenEditor1.07E
MapEditor is for 16 x 16 tile editing.

ScreenEditor is for 8 x 8 tile editing.
• file types:
open/save: SEGA2D
import: PICT, DGT2, BMP, RGB, DGT
export: PICT, DGT2, BMP
• bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color, and 16 bit RGB
• Map Unit Size: 512x512 pixels, 16 units max. (4096x4096 pixels)
• Not a world builder
• No download function
• works best if 32bit addressing is ON

Downloads any Mac screen image from any Mac application
• file types: ALL, including: 2D, 3D, postscript, text, etc.
• bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color, and 16 bit RGB
• screen sizes: H - 320, 352, 640, 704, V - 224, 240
• does not update fast enough to download animations or movies

Downloads 2D images for rotation, scaling, etc.
• file types: MapEditor & ScreenEditor files only
• Basically a VDP2 Background viewer
• Has some impressive rotation and scroll features
• ONLY works with CartDev, not with Graphics Box

Converts between file types.
• file types: PICT, DGT2, BMP, RGB, BOB, DGT
• bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color, and 16 and 32 bit RGB
• limited bitmap editing tool
• No download function

Bitmap editor and animation player that downloads
• file types: PICT, DGT2, and others
• bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color
• plug-ins: EndCode, and SpecialDistortion
• tedious animation setup

Downloads, edits, and animates 2D bitmaps as sprites.
• file types:
open/save: SpriteEditor document
save as text: 6 types
import: PICT, DGT2, BMP, RGB, BOB, DGT
export: default, custom
• Basically a VDP1 Sprite viewer/animator

See Plug-in read me.
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