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Syutokou_97 / SYUTOKO BATTLE 97 / Drift King 97 1.00

there is a known issue with the closed captioning for the videos with Tsuchiya Keiichi, the title logo covers up the text on the right. May be a while before an update is uploaded.

Game is completely playable, all menus are done in "refined English"

Version .006
Finished the rest of the Garage shop tiles.
Finished the rest of the part descriptions
Finished all the save/load menus
Converted all the Bando-san dialog and tuning options
Finished Craig Stadler's dialog for all end of race possibilities.

All thats left is the rest of the driver dialog and subtitling the videos.
Version .005
Finished all intake descriptions
Finished all exhaust descriptions
Finished all suspension descriptions
Finished all tire/wheel descriptions
over 230 tiles made now
Version .004
fixed patching vanilla ISOs that was broken in 0.0.003 (this was in the 003b release)
finished new tiles and descriptions for all the engine mods.
up to 157 custom tiles
updated XLSX sheet for tile finding and phrase making
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I created the previous patch against a non vanilla ISO; this fixes that issue and now everything should be at the "functional English" level other than driver dialog.
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