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TrueMotion Player 1.22

TrueMotion Player TmPlay.exe Ver 1.22


For playing Saturn's TrueMotion movie files on Windows95 / NT4.0
It is a program. Also, a function to convert to an AVI file in a format that can be normally handled by Windows.
There is also.

If you have not registered as a user, it will only be played halfway.

[Operating environment]

To operate, an environment capable of displaying 256 colors or more on Windows 95 / NT4 is required.
It seems that you need a Pentium-sized machine to see it properly.
High-speed display by DirectDraw is possible depending on the environment.


Put the unzipped file in a directory of your choice.
that's all.


○ File menu

-Open Select the file to play.

-Convert Converted the image and audio format of the currently loaded file
Create a file.
First, a dialog for specifying the file name opens, File
If you specify a name, a dialog for selecting the image CODEC will open.
Select the format you like (of course, use the playback-only one
Cannot be used). The audio format is fixed to 16 Bit PCM.
Since error checking is performed, there is enough free space in the output destination.
Please specify a certain folder.
Converted data is for personal use only, how to handle it
Please be careful enough.

-Exit TmPlay.exe is closed.

○ Set menu

-Normal Display in the original size.

-Double Doubles both vertically and horizontally.

-Triple Displays vertically and horizontally three times each.

-Maximum Maximizes the window within the range where the aspect ratio of the original image can be maintained.

-If Loop is checked, one file will be played repeatedly.

-Full Screen When checked, full screen only when using DirectDraw
Show Simply zooming in on the full screen
It does not switch the display.

-DirectDraw Draws with DirectDraw when DirectDraw is available.
You The change in settings will take effect the next time the file is read.

○ Help menu

-Help Displays help.

-Information Opens a dialog that displays information on the selected file.
I will.

-Opens a dialog about About TmPlay.exe.

・ Register Register Opens a dialog for registration. After registration, you can use it.
Opens a dialog that displays the user name.
Please refer to the [Resist] section for the resist method.

○ Toolbar button

From the left, stop, play, and pause.

○ Option

Playing starts when the / play file is read.

/ close Exits the program after playback ends.


Delete TmPlay. * In the installed directory.


This program is shareware, if you wish to use it, use the following
It is necessary to accept the permission and remit the usage fee (1500 yen).

○ License

・ Any damage to the user caused by using this program
Even so, the author does not take any responsibility.
・ The converted data is limited to personal use due to copyright issues.
The author is completely unaware of any problems with its handling.
・ Specifications of this program are subject to change without notice.
・ Even if there is a file that cannot be played, it may not be possible to handle it.
・ No analysis or modification of this program is permitted.
・ We do not allow the registration key to be disclosed to a third party.
・ No refund of registration fee will be given.

○ Remittance method

・ When using NiftyServe's shareware remittance agency system

With GO SWREG, you can go to the remittance agency system.
The shareware number is 7603.
After confirming the remittance, we will inform you of the registered keyword by return email.

・ In case of bank transfer

After making the transfer to the account below, the name of the sender, so that you can confirm it
Please specify the user name used for registration and contact the author by e-mail.
After confirming the remittance, we will inform you of the registered keyword by return email.

Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank Musashi Kosugi Branch
Ordinary account 1739250
Subscriber name Makoto Yoshida (Makoto Yoshida)
Amount 1500 yen (Please bear the transfer fee by yourself)

○ Contact information

・ NIFTY-Serve HCD02122
・ Homepage サービス終了のお知らせ
(There is a bulletin board, so please use it)

If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks after the remittance, please contact the author.
Please let us know by email.


○ Caution

To contact the game maker etc. regarding the operation of this program
Never do it.

If the process is not in time, the display may be strange. Especially CD
In playback from, processing may be in time depending on the data due to access speed.
It may disappear.

I'm using the video for windows feature to work with AVI files,
Files with extensions other than AVI are recognized as AVI files on Windows 95
Not Therefore, TrueMotion files with a non-AVI extension can be downloaded from a CD.
It cannot be played directly. Since there are no such restrictions in Windows NT4.0, is it a CD?
You can play it without any problem.

When overlaying, the window can be reduced or part of it can be displayed from the screen.
If you place it so that it sticks out, it will not be displayed depending on the video card
May occur. Also, if you use Power Window DX with the latest driver
It has been confirmed that the same size cannot be displayed depending on the screen mode.
RIVA128 does not seem to be overlaid in RGB color.

[change history]
1998.12.12 Ver 1.22

-Slightly changed the judgment of the data format.

1998.12.07 Ver 1.21

-Enabled playback of BLACK / MATRIX movies.

1998.10.12 Ver 1.20

-Changed to be full screen even if it is not DirecDraw.

1998.10.04 Ver 1.19

・ In Final Romance 4, the audio cannot be converted correctly when converting to AVI.
Fixed that there was.

1998.09.30 Ver 1.18

-Enabled switching to full screen display even during playback.
-Some of the functions that were in the menu have also been added to the toolbar.

1998.07.06 Ver 1.17

・ After full screen, the window is always displayed at the top.
It wasn't fixed, so I fixed it.

1998.06.30 Ver 1.16

-DirectDraw even if DirectDraw surface cannot be secured in the video memory
I tried to use it.

1997.06.03 Ver 1.15

-Fixed because it was not fixed in Ver 1.14.

1997.05.29 Ver 1.14

・ There was no sound in Final Romance 4, so I dealt with it.

1997.03.31 Ver 1.13

-Fixed that it stays in the foreground after making it full screen.

1997.03.28 Ver 1.12

-Changed to erase the cursor at full screen.
-A little bug fix.

1997.03.19 Ver 1.11

-Fixed that it does not pause when the / play option is attached.
-Added loop playback function.

1997.03.12 Ver 1.10

-Fixed a bug that PCM was not played correctly on Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus.
-Files with extensions other than AVI cannot be played on Windows 95, so on 95
Enabled to select other than AVI in the Open menu.
-Added / close option.
-Includes aviselect.

1997.02.17 Ver 1.09

-The display size setting is saved.
-Direct, with the availability of DirectDraw block transfer
The use of Draw is set.
-Added / play option.

1997.02.14 Ver 1.08

-The overlay is checked even at 15bpp and 16bpp.
-Enabled full screen display when using overlay.
-Added the function to maximize the window within the range where the aspect ratio can be maintained.
-Slightly changed the operation when reading multiple files.
-If you change the display magnification when the file is not loaded, a window will appear.
Fixed the behavior that shrinks.

1997.02.12 Ver 1.07

-Furthermore, change the judgment routine of DirectDraw overlay display

1997.02.09 Ver 1.06

-Change of DirectDraw overlay display judgment routine

1997.02.07 Ver 1.05

・ Added a pause function
・ I couldn't convert to motionJPEG of canopus properly.
First release
Last update
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