1:74 pregap when ripping


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With most of the saturn games that I rip I get a 1:74 pregap before the first audo track. Though, isn't it supposed to be 2:00? If so, then why does my rips always have a 1:74 pregap instead of a 2:00? Should I be changing it to 2:00? Hmm :huh


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You might want to give more info, like what you are ripping with and what format you are ripping to. If I want a small size, I rip to ISO+MP3 at 256kbit, with many games this causes zero problems if done properly (a good example would be a fighting game with CD audio, works perfectly). If I want accuracy, I usually rip to a straight Nero (.nrg) image. Its more accurate than bin+cue, and I use it when size isn't an issue.
nero is not more reliable than bin/cue, in fact i've found just the opposite. i did a series of ripping tests with all the popular software, and nero was inconsistent with all the other programs. cdrwin, blindread, and i think another program produced the same data for the discs i tried. i'm making the educated guess that the majority is right when it comes to reading plain data, so bin/cue wins.
All. Cue-sheet. Related. Formats. Need. To. DIE.

I want multisession, I want an exact file structure and allocation table stored, and I want to have some use for a lonely bin if I lose the cue sheet.

Then there's the undeniably pure-shit iso/mp3 format.

I've never had problems with nero images - except that images created with 5.5.10 or higher store the file structure slightly differently from previous versions, and are incompatible with anything before 5.5.10.


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Yeah, I'm still waiting for a CD format that doesn't suck. I guess my dream format would:

- Be an open standard not managed by idiots who change it every 6 months

- Have the option of storing nonstandard data formats that are generally compatible with the Red Book IEC 908 layout (i.e. 3234-byte sectors including EDC/ECC and full subchannel data), in addition to all standard CD sector types (Audio, Mode 1, Mode 2 Forms 1 and 2). No stock CD burner can write these areas, but industry convention is the only thing that stops it from happening, and some may want to use semicustom equipment for experimentation.

- Support individually compressed data blocks utilizing different codecs (Vorbis, Shorten, RLE, LZO, deflate, bzip, PPM, etc.) as appropriate per data and user settings.

- Support user-definable metadata structures for title, author, publication year, genre, region codes, language, etc.

- Be supported by a portable liberally-licensed library that abstracts away the complexities implied by the format, allowing CD burning programs to read individual sectors', groups of sectors', or even unpack whole tracks/sessions' worth of user data, ECC/EDC, subchannel, etc.

I suppose I can dream...

Back on topic, I'm not sure what's going on, but it should be 2 seconds. It looks like there may be an off-by-one error in your burner's firmware, since 1:74 is only one sector short of 2 seconds (1 second = 75 sectors / miniframes)


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cheers, better safe than sorry - the last thing you want is for the music to be slightly off :devil