2011 Coding and Music Competitions


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After a year off *cough*, this year we will be having another set of annual SMS Power! Anniversary Competitions.

Music competition

Make something musical that is also Sega 8-bit related. It can be a remix of a game tune, or an original composition for the PSG, or just an original composition in cool 8-bit square-wave style. Check out previous competitions for examples.


Also check out

* Mod2PSG2 - a tracker that makes music for the SMS/GG

* XPMCK - an MML compiler that can target the SMS/GG

* OverClocked Remix - loads of video game remixes

* 8bc - lots of new chiptunes

Coding competition

Write some new and original software that runs on a Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SF-7000... and impress us all. Here's the old competitions:


Here's the homebrew listings, so you can see what's been done and how your cool idea is still waiting to be done...


Learning to code on the Master System is fun! And really hard! Suffer with us all together!


All entries must be received by 23:59 GMT on 26th March.

How to enter

Email your entry to


* Put the text "competition" somewhere in your subject line to avoid spam filtering.

* Tell us your forum name and the title of your entry.

* If you want to include a comment then write it in a text file with the same name as your entry.

* File format must be one of: VGM, MP3, SMS, GG, SG, SC, SF7. Render non-standard music formats to MP3 and include the original file.

* One zip file per entry containing all accompanying files, unless you only have one VGM or MP3 anyway