2048 or 2352

most saturn games i have are mode1 2048, and was wondering if it matters if it is 2352.some of my games are burned that way because i did not have fireburner, and i had to convert the 2048s to 2352s w/cdmage so they would burn on cdrwin.dont know why but cdrwin will only burn in dao and not cooked tao.anyway,the ones i burned as 2352s work fine just like my 2048s.just wondering if it makes a difference and if i should burn them again now that i have fireburner which can burn cue/bin as tao(cooked/2048)thanks
It should only matter for Mode 1 tracks if something weird is being done with the filesystem. I'm not aware of any Saturn game that must be burned as Mode 1 / 2352. Some games do require a Mode 2 track, which is probably a different sector size (e.g. 2336). Now if only I could find a program and burner that would let me rip all 3234 bytes per sector... :).