3-D controller that came with Nights

I just grabbed a Sega brand 3-D controller from a flea market, and when I got home, I realized there was no cable to connect to the Saturn. (when was the last time you actually thought about a controller not having a cable? :p ) It's night like it was ripped off from the unit, its just that the top of the controller has a port for a cable (or something) just like the DC. Does anyone have any info on what plugs into that port? Thanks
AFAIK, the cable was designed to be detachable (for what reason nobody seems to know for certain). It should have come with it, and i know of no documents that describe the pin out of this port.

Maybe ExCyber will know ;)
I have one. Made it a LOT easier to clean the controller. I don't know where one would get a replacement cord, as most people didn't know they came off.
bah, I guess I will HAVE to go back next weekend (now I have a reason anyways ;) )

Thanks for the quick responses, cause I couldn't find more than 2 pages that said more than 1 line about the controller, let alone the detachable cable.

Btw, if things don't go well with getting that cable, is anyone interested in selling their 3d controller (cable included of course...)?
lol, $10...heres exactly what their page says

"US$ 39.00 - EUR 44.50"

I could find nights w/ controller brand new for less than that.
There's SOME fucking site that sells them for $10. I'm not the goddamn librarian of the internet. Go look for yourself.
Raijin Z - geez man, sorry. I never intended for you to be my internet librarian...as a matter of fact, I never even asked you to go out of your way to look for a site for me. I appreciate you trying, but I was just pointing out that lan-kwei has them for $40. Sorry to have bothered you that much
There's a little push-tab along the top edge of the controller, I believe... I don't have my controller near me. Just push the tab down and pull the block out.
Yeah, the little triangular box at the top of the controller has a tab that you push, and the the triangular box pops right off. Lucky me, I found a place that was selling new controllers for $8, so I grabbed one, as well as a 5 in 1 cart =)
I have two, but neither will work properly with 3D Lemmings, even in digital mode. I had to go and buy a digital pad:(

Then I screwed up my Saturn trying to mod it (dropped some solder on one of the memory chips - now it renders anything 2D about 6 times over in various areas of the screen) and had to buy another one. I modded *that* perfectly, but it also came with a pad so I now have two official analogue contollers *and* two digital ones as well as the third-party pad the first system came with when I bought it.

Oh well, at least it means no-one can complain about unfait advantages on Fighting Vipers, and if I ever actually find a copy of Bomberman I'm all set:)