3 more Releases ready for NeoCD

For those with the neo geo cd or cdz systems, here are 3 games just for you! Check my web pageHERE and have fun!! This time around they are Puzzle Bobble, League Bowling, and Fatal Fury RBS. If you like the games please email me and let me know!
Oh and I also just purchased Riding Hero CD so, as soon as it gets here I can update the neo geo cd cracking tutorial!! make it version 0.9 , and now I only need 1 more cd game to complete the tutorial and making it Version 1.0! all I need is Master of Syougi. It apprears that Eightman is either fuckin' rare in the extreme, or doesnt exist at all on cd format, and Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle never came out on cd...
I think Eightman exists but I know Kizuna encounter doesn't.

I wish someone would dump the unreleased MVS and CD games that one Neo page has screenshots of. Some of those looked really sweet.