Hi, first sorry for my poor english. I´ve got a PAL 32X and a couple of PAL games for it, plugged in a megadrive PAL model 1. The megadrive have the switch to select 50/60hz, but the 32X games only runs correctly when the switch is in 50hz mode. If you put the switch in 60 hz mode, the game stopts and only sounds the music. I don´t know if the PAL 32X needs to be "hacked" to 60 hz like the megadrive. If anyone knows how can make it, please tell to me. Thanks for all. Greetings for all the spanish people of #sega irc-hispano channel, and all the sega fans over the world!!! IKARUGA IS COOMING!!!!!
yeah it is mystery, i would like to play games lke spiderman web of fire on my pal 32x and people would like to play darxide or kolibri on there ntsc 32x, i guess as the 32x is quite a rare device and people dont want to go breaking them by accident.
There is a jumper near the RGB multiplexer chip (It's on the right side of the cartridge connector board, inside the 32X) I don't remember where it was, but I'm sure it's a 1k resistor in a row of 4 spaces, it's on the first for NTSC and second for PAL if I'm not mistaken. I hope this help. If I see a picture of the board it will revive my memory so I can tell exact position you must move the resistor to.
Really Vic Viper? That sounds great !!!!! Please if you find the website for make the modification or pictures to do it, please send to us. I don´t want to open my ONLY 32X for try things that not are 100% confirmed. Meanwhile thanks for all and rememeber: SEGA, THE GAME IS NEVER OVER!!!!!
The problem is: last time I saw a 32X unit open was like 5 years ago ... How could I remember exactly the number of the positions of the resistor ? I just remembered it also have a chroma cristal of 4.7mhz on the euro version. Change it to 3.579545 and that resistor ... That will make your stuff NTSC ...