32x problems

My 32x seems to be having some issues. Most of the time games don't load on the first try. I get the black screen with the white letters (licenced by...), then nothing. And sometimes games freeze during play. Any ideas?

Also, Genesis games won't play on it. The black lisencing screen shows, then the whole thing turns red. Are you supposed to remove the 32X if you want to play a regular Genesis game?

The games themselves are extremely clean, and the connectors on the bottom of the 32X look allright. I haven't seen any cartridge cleaners for a Genesis around here - is there another way to clean the slots?

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.
open up the 32x, unplug all white ribbon cables, then plug them back in. bad contact on those is the main reason for 32x probs.
Thanks. Everything works fine now. I guess one of those cables got loose during shipping or something.

Thanks for the help!