3DO PC card

I noticed a hock shop selling one of these and was wondering if they are any good?

Or is it better to get a real 3DO system.
I would love to get a hold of one of these just to check it out. Not to mention they are rare as ####. Does it come with the CD-Rom? From what I have read, you have to use a particular CD-Rom with it. How much is the asking price, just curious?
The card is sold on its own, which is a bit odd as it does say on the box it needs a Creative CD-Rom.

I wonder if there is anyway to get it working with any CD-Rom?

The guys asking around $AU300, which seems a bit steep.
i think you will find the cd rom required plugs directly into the card, and is of the old proprietory creative type rather than a IDE or scsi device, you could probabbly find a cd rom drive thats suitable though if this is the case
I have one of those old 2x CD-ROMs w/sound card controllers. Inside it's basically a plain old IDE drive. I had it hooked up directly to my motherboard for a while.

You should be able to find one fairly easily at a junk computer store for cheap.

Too bad you're so far away, I'd be willing to trade it for pracitcally anything, but the shipping from California to Oz would be pretty high. Oh well. :(