On the subject of emulation: After reading the news archives of several more prominent 3DO sites from around november of 1999 I have come to the realization that a project called 3DOpen may have released an alpha stage emulator near the end of 1999 or early into 2000. Unfortunately this page does not seem to exist at it's original address and has all but dropped off the face of the earth.

If it is true that this project did, or at least came close to releasing a 3DO emulator for the PC then I wonder if anyone has a copy or knows where it is. Or if anyone knows what happened to the developers working on 3DOpen and if they'd be willing to open up thier source and hand the project over to somebody else.

I have a cd-wallet full of 3DO games that I'm just dying to try! I know an emulator exists or could exist. From what I've read the 3DO's processor was simply an ARM microprocessor, which means that emulating that would be fairly simple. I don't have any specifics on the graphics or sound, or filesystem of the machine, but I know somebody does.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!

- AlterEgo
There's no 3do emu that ever did anything.

the 3do has a bunch of ugly custom chips, I think, which make it harder.. and aside from that, noone seems to want to bother with it.
If you've got a bunch of games you wanna play, just buy a system. You can usualy find FZ-1's on Yahoo or eBay for around $50 after shipping. I paid $60 for mine with six games on Yahoo.
i brought mine for £75 with five games and a composite monitor, all with the original packaging and everything, so you should be able to pick one up (thats an fz-1 as well)