4 players micro machine II

Hello folks, I have a working sega4player adapter (it works with other games) but I can not start 4 players game with micro machine II, I have no mention on screen about 4 players, I can only start 2 players games, or tournament, but always with only 2 cars at the same time on screen. The box says "4 players game only with sega 4 player adapter", can someone help ?
Hmm EA 4-Way, Sega4 Way or other?

The EA and Sega conflicted with each other and wernt copat with some games. If its generic then it should work and just try it on the other port
There are two versions of Micro Machines II - one of them is a "J-cart" which has two joypad sockets physically built into the cartridge itself, so you don't need a four-player adapter.

The other version, I think, is two players only - I don't think it ever worked with a four player adapter, either the Sega version or the EA one. Maybe the box is just a misprint.

The J-cart version isn't too hard to find, anyway.

Yes, the Sega and EA adapters are different. That's all I can remember at the moment. Chances are, though, that if you're handy with a soldering iron you could probably make your own multitap unit that's compatible with the Sega protocol - the connector used is standard, and Genesis was made before it became popular to reinvent the wheel every time you wanted to make a controller interface...
Ea only worked right with EA games really...

The sega worked only with other games.

There WAS a version out that made a EA/Sega adpt that did both....shouldnt be hard to find. As for making a true compat one....that might be harder and I dont know any docs for this. =/
That reminds me, I'll have to open up my Sega multitap some time, see what makes it tick ;)

Actually, having looked, it's unlikely you'd be able to reproduce it - there are two proprietary chips in there, 315-5774 and 315-5775 each with a large number of pins. :(


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That's odd... maybe the Sega multitap is designed to multiplex *anything* that might use the controller ports and thus contains dedicated circuitry for each one?
EA multitap just worked fine with skidmarks, Since it's a Jcart, I could even play with 6 players at a time, two on the Jcart, and four on the EA adapter