4MB/1MB RAM For Japanese Saturn!

anyone know where i can get a japanese 4mb/1mb cart for my saturn? i cant find any on ebay atm.. and i need one to start playin SFZ3, D&D games, my KOF ect.. heh my wires are to short on my saturns mobo to switch it back to US to use my PAR and alot of games i have have problems using the PAR for regional skipping with mod chip in, like dragon Force 2 plays for like 5 min and freez, but in japanese mode, works fine 100% through the game. muchless i have alot of japanese games and i like to use my sega backup ram cart for saving games, some games use huge system files and i get annoyed at copying over to par everytime i switch games heh. thanks for any help given
none on ebay???

looky here my friend, cheap so far too...

action replay 4m plus


action rpelay 4m plus


heres a 13 in 1 (not a 4m plus but who knows..)


you gotta know how to look, i bought one off of ebay for 20$ us, it was expensive in canadian funds but it was the cheapest i have ever seen one on ebay. when something is mispelled or the listing is vague (some don't specify sega saturn in the title only in the description) most people will not find them.. i remember when trying to find alien vs predator for jaguar someone had mispelled predator and noone had found the listing so i got it real cheap...
Well I have a 4 in 1 action replay card and a JAP Saturn it works fine it loads every game EU, USA JAP perfectely. All acessories work on every region such as gamepads, memory cards, etc...