50/60 Htz mod. HOW?

someone pointed out that a problem i have with import games on my PAL saturn is that i need 60 Htz.

But i know shit of how to do it and what is needed.

If someone can point me somewhere or to a doc or a resource i would appreciate it!


George ???
I've done this all I did though was join JP1 with a bit of solder, easy peasy

Takes a bit of time to dismatle all the machine and JP1 was right at the bottom under the m-board. Well at least on my model anyway.
Well, i saw in that page that older than 1996 machines should work with jp1 connected. My machine was a travesti.

It was NOT after 1996 but NOT before 1995, but it HAD round buttons and the 64pin ic. yeah! perhaps the shittiest saturn i could get my hands on!

anyway, i couldnt really know which way of the two to try, since my motherboard was different of both displayed there.

I soldered the Jp1 but it didnt work, and the funny thing is that my saturn went to sleep with the fishes after the removal of the wire. It just wanted me to enter the date again and again, and after i managed to do so correctly, it kept it. but when it starts, the picture it outputs has so much flicker, i think its 600hz and not 60

Probably something is burned down there. I repaired it to its normal state, but it doesnt work again. Maybe i have to try figuring out with the polymeter.

any ideas?

Now i got "rid" of my 64pin sat, i want to find a 32pin one, model 2, moded or not for sale. any offers or place to find one?


No, my tv IS compatible with 60hz.

But the disk wont spin and there is NOTHING shown.

I can understand that the picture is too fast from the leftmoft and rightmost side of my tv, where the flickering is big..

anyway, i just wanted to see if anyone had the same problem after dealing with the Jp1. Maybe in my motherboard, connecting this one really screws the saturn up.
The problem is not uncommon.

With the very early model 1 saturns, connecting the JP1's together just makes it run wayyy to fast.

You need to find a chip named IC14 and find pin 79 on it.

Slowly heat up the chip with a soldering iron and with a pair of tweesers, lift up pin 79.

Then connect it to the 5V line on the saturn and it should run at 60 Hz all the time.
I remember doing something like this on a spare PAL saturn I had at the time, i remember doing the 50/60hz switch, but then all of a sudden the 60hz mode stopped working completely, as to why I don;t know.
Also - Apparently joining the two JP1 points on the very first type of saturn (Model 1 version 1 (version 2 was released a bit earlier in 95)) makes it run at 100 Hz - So If you have a tele that Runs at 100 Hz then you would have it running properly.

But it probobably still run at 50 Hz only now you can only play it on the 10 Hz T.V

So therfore - Wouldn't supplying an extra 5V of power to one of the JP posrts make it run at 60 Hz, instead of you having to lift up the No. 79 Pin?