50/60 hz mod worth it?

thanks for reading. i have an action replay plus cart but i was wondering if i still needed the 50/60hz mod if i wanted to play pal games without glitches, and if i do the 50/60 hz mod would it be alright in 50hx mode on my ntsc tv?

Unless you are quite confident in your soldering skills I wouldn't bother modding your Saturn to play 50Hz games.

While I think you would need to do it to get the games to run properly I don't know how it would go on an NTSC TV. I've not heard of anyone trying this either. ???

AFAIK Pal optimised games are in the minority and I can only think of one or two games that didn't come out in the US that did in PAL regions.
If you want to play PAL games on a USA of JAP saturn then I wouldn't bother putting a 50/60 switch on as there was only about 5 games that where modified to run at full speed (ie Daytona CCE) and if you do that then the Pal games will have borders which totally suck.
i'm used to play ntsc games on my pal machine and i think that it depends on how much you love your saturn and/or wanna leave it virgin...

to me, as a must-pal gamer, it's worth the effort as most ntsc games won't synchronize with cdda properly and so the music of the intro in "Albert Odyssey" f.e. stop long before the sequence ends.

bah... do whatever you want!
thanks for the reply. i guess its not really worth it, the only thing that bothers me is that i have a daytona, and a rampage which dont fit completely well on the screen and a duke nukem which has flickering, but i guess i could get usa versions of duke and it would be all good. thanks
Yeah, getting US versions of the games you want would be much easier than performing any mod.