60Hz wont work.


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Hey, I got a brand new TV yesterday, and using my DC via RF leads.

On old TV 60Hz worked fine with RF. But on this the picture jumps up and down like mad in colour though with sound.

I cant see anyway to change the system, can only select EURO/France/GB

Would RGB Scart fix it? :damn:


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HI Kiderz,

Sorry to hear about the Dreamcast problem. :blink:

Whats probably ahppened is that your old tv had something called PAL 60.

I had a similar experience when i modded a megadrive and noticed that on some tvs the picture was in colour and at full screen using the rf.

Pal 60 is a useful adition to a tv.

Saying that if your new tv has got a scart socket i STRONGLY recomend using this lead.Most modern tvs with scart cater for RGB which is what the lead outputs from the Dreamcast.

This should cure your problem very quicly.

The highest quality i have used is a Dreamcast VGA box which lets the machine run on a pc monitor.

The machine already has vga output internally and it looks stunning.

Ebay is ideal for scart leads and there are many other places you can obtain them from.

If you have no luck i have some in my cupboard and they are brand new.

A good way to test your new tv is with a dvd player.

You can try using the dvd player using RGB output,If its in colour the dreamcast will be fine.

Hope this helps,




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Thanks for the help, I read the TV manual, and it says it supports RGB Scart and S-Video also.

I'll probally try ordering cables for Lik-Sang, want a cable for each of my Segas.

Thanks Ian


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Hi Kiderz,

Thanks,Thats great.

The megadrive looks totaly different in RGB.

I usually mod them to play anything and at full speed.

The machine is really good in RGB and really impressed me.

I use a video projector,And also an old sony 21" screen which is very clear for its age.

Also i heard that the sega saturn can do VGA internally but i havent found out how to switch it yet.

A good place for megadrive scart leads is Telegames of Leicster(uk).

They are a bit pricey but once used its hard to go back to old RF.

Hope all goes ok,