RGB-scart with horrible sound on genesis-snes (ground loop?). I tried everything man

Ok you guys I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong section and please don't hurt me or anything:cwm3: But I have this terrible sound issue (possible video issue too maybe it's just natural) and I cannot fix it at all!!

Ok well first of all I'm in the united states and I have my snes and genesis-segacd-32x hookep up through scart (I'm using this thing http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-SCART-RGB-to...QQcmdZViewItem and it seems to be the exact one I got). Now I have tried so hard to find the ground loop but nomatter what I can't find it.

I've unplugged everything even the tv except my snes ac adaptor and my mini stereo boombox (both plugged into the same outlet). No matter what whenever there's a picture being displayed (especially a bright one on a main menu of a game or something) there's a horrid buzzing-fuzz noise that gets louder depending on the brightness of the scene being showed in game (even with tv unplugged-off!). It's as if the noise from the picture is bleeding into the audio portion of this scart plug.

I plugged just the sound into the boombox by using this thing ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Two-.../dp/B000NP9S6O ) and it still is making the same horrible noise depending on the brightness-image of the game being displayed (I can guess which scene it's gonna make noise on without my tv being plugged in since I memorized this crap).

Once again this is just the snes and boombox plugged into same outlet with everything else unplugged (powerstrips etc.). I have the boombox and snes at least 6ft. away from eachother and 8ft. away from any other electronic including batteries, remote controls or anything with metal. So what the heck is the problem here?

Same thing with the genesis but it's even worse...:cwm3: Oh mannn is it worse (model 2 genesis... yeah). The sound is like clear but there's just that horrible buzzing there to go with it but it's terrible on this thing. I usually use my model 1 genesis-model1 sega cd-32x combo using scart and the audio portion coming out of the the segacd-genesis headphone jack (super clean sound even loud). But I had to test the scart plug just to see for myself (yeah the audio is alot worse than the mono-composite cable that was supplied with my 32x)

This definately sounds like a ground loop but after all this cursing and pain now I'm thinking it's just crappy scart cables (i thought even a cheap one would sound good). These cables don't even look that cheaply built after inspecting them. They seem to be gold plated and have clean fit soldering done on them?

Oh and another thing. This freakin' thing... :cwm24: omg :owned: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Two-.../dp/B000NP9S6O this thing does not breakout the audio. I hooked it up like normal thinking it would work as advertised but NO.... :reddevil: :cwm3: :owned: I had to rape this thing open and resolder the audio-audio ground pins to the appropriate location to make the sound come out of the phono jacks!!! Now that's what I call freakin' bullcrap. This thing looked nice and everything but man I didn't know what I was in for. Why is it an audio breakout device if it won't breakout the audio??!! Well at least it works now after raping the thing... geeze man wtfreak...:mad:

Oh and this thing http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Way-Scart-Sele...dZp1638Q2em122 this freakin' thing too was also a joke. I wonder if it's really gold plated at all... But the input and output phono jacks on the thing are backwards!! yes!! backwards! I have to use the input phono jacks on the thing to get composite video and sound out of it. WTH..... I thought at first the advertisement on this thing was BS but out of luck I decided to try the input to see if it would do any output... :owned: Low and behold I was right. And this thing makes the buzzing-fuzzing alot more apparent!! Yes this thing is terrible! The philips audio breakout makes things sound better but the buzzing is still there and about as loud too (using the supplied phono to headphone adapter or just straigt phono cables (monster cable thx certified ones).

Could all this be related to bad ground when I had to resolder the philips audio breakout to make it work right (even though it sounds better than that scart switcher :owned:).

BTW the picture quality looks fantastic. There does some to be some noticeable VERTICAL scanlines on the genesis which makes scenes certain scenes look like some kind of grid pattern display but I think this is natural (I thought I read somewhere about a hardware mod that would fix this since it happens on nonmodified genesis systems. Am I wrong?)

The picture also looks great on the SNES but there does seem to be some diagnol??? scanlines? YES! Diagnol scanlines! But they just stay frozen solid and nothing seems to effect it (grounding, location of cables etc).

On the snes when I use a svideo cable that I bought straight from Nintendos headquarters in redmond, Washington state, USA. The sound is totally clean. Even on the tv with it's sound maxed out (boombox too of course). It sounds perfect and also there are no DIAGNOL SCANLINES :owned: using the svideo (I just wish that slight color bleeding wasn't there which I get rid of using the scart cable. Especially on reds, greens, and blues).

I'm also let down right now too after reading a post somewhere else about the sega saturn having the worst grounding loop problem which almost never goes away nomatter what. I'm waiting for my sega saturn and dreamcast rgb scart cables to come in the mail and I really am not looking forward to crappy sound...

So could anyone else from EUROPE or USA gimme any ideas maybe? I think this would be helpful to any retro gamer out there that looks endlessly for years on google to getting the right equipment and building cables for themselves to enjoy there old system (especially us USA people with no scart. You guys are freakin' lucky over there in europe) Please help me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

OH and another thing. Stay away from this thing http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Way-Scart-Sele...dZp1638Q2em122

and this thing http://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Two-.../dp/B000NP9S6O

I really don't know if I got ripped off with some bootleg items or what but these things were a fraud to me :mad: and its too bad the scart switcher makes the sound buzzing even more apparent (picture still looks good though).

I'm waiting for this thing in the mail now too in hopes it'll change anything and do what it's advertised to do http://www.amazon.co.uk/SB08-SCART-b...ef=pd_sbs_ce_4


EDIT: I had to start this thread again as I didn't see it show up at all?? Sorry if I just caused an issue...