64 Leg CD-Rom drive in an Oct. 1996 system?

okay so i was modifying and testing out components and systems tonight, and managed to confirm a new way of doing a region switch. pretty productive.

also took a look at my mod boards and saw why the mod is called A+B....duh, how could i be so stupid???

anyway, i came up with a problem while swapping out the board to test out a 64 leg cd-drive on a system that came with a 32 leg drive.

the 64 leg drive would not recognize any games whil ein the newer systems

the older system could take both 32 and 64 leg drives though. and the 64 drive works fine in the April 1996, so i know it isn't the drive really

anyone know what gives?


I can't offer a solution or explanation, but I'm not too suprised.

It reminds me of the time I tried to stick a CD Drive from a later model 2 Saturn, into a white Saturn from the same era... exactly the same problem.

Different firmware for different boards perhaps?