a BIZARRE cart

Here is what I beleive to be a very rare cart. It is made by a Korean pirate and is called "270 in 1" for the Genesis.

It plays on the genesis; however, all the 270 games are SMS games! Not just the american games I am familiar with, but Master system games from all over the world, including countries I didn't even know made games for the system! Hacks, etc.

So I am trying to understand how the cart works. One, it is heavier than most carts! Two, the games are from the wrong platform system. Finally, I have never seen such a monster cart.

It is menu driven and possibly a SMS convertor as well? Any ideas?

IIRC the Power Base Converter is a very simple device - it contains the SMS BIOS and sets some pin on the cartridge port to set the correct video mode, otherwise it's just a port converter. So, your cart is probably a Power Base Converter and a collection of games combined with some mechanism to select which game to run.
nope. even more simple than that, no bios involved. grounds one pin the cart slot, that's all. other than that it's just a slot adapter. everything is taken care of by the genny. doesn't work with model 3, nomad etc, tho.
I bought it in Korea. I didn't even know the SMS was so popular to have so many titles. All sorts of languages too.

Arakon, does that mean it can't run on my nomad? I haven't even tried that. Also, I am guessing the weight is due to an EPROM or something. It still suggests that any SMS cart can be plugged into a genesis...

Unfortunately, the menu is all korean, so I have to memorize where the games are...
The few games that use the TMS9918-specific modes won't work, as the Megadrive's VDP doesn't support them.