a couple of questions...

has anybody on here ever purchased a DREAMCAST PLAYER'S PAK?

Brand new kit for Sega Dreamcast. The kit includes AstroPad, TremorPak, and 6-Foot controller extension cable. AstroPad comes in BLACK COLOR only, red is sold out. Brand new in box.

---is the controller and tremor pak shit? I need a fourth controller and this seems like a cheap solution because I could also use another rumble pak.

--what's the deal with s-video?
It's shit. Stay away. One of the worst pads I have the misspleasure of holding in my hands. You can probably find a original sega dc pad on ebay for pennies. Same with the jump packs.
Seconded. Interact/Performance/Recoton are peddlers of poorly-designed crap. They stumbled onto a good thing with the original PSX Gameshark / Action Replay (for which they were nothing more than a distributor; Datel Design & Development designed and manufactured it), but that's about it.
ok, thanks. so are there any good third party companies for controllers and jump/puru puru packs or is recommended to just stay with the official sega gear?
Stick with the official sega stuff. I have had third partiy controllers ruin dreamcast controller ports on different accounts. And never buy interact hardware. It doesn't last for nothing. I bought a light gun and controller from interact, both don't work properly and the controller is what blew out 2 dreamcasts controller ports.
ive been very happy with my mad catz dreamcast pads, you can rip out the crappy d-pad and replace it with a saturn one. and it has all 6 buttons on the face so its great for fighters. its a little wider, but IMO its more comfortable then the official controllers
Well, madcatz has seem to prove worthy of a third party developer. I have yet to have problems with them.
Nobody answered his question about S-video

It's worth getting. Your picture will be a little bit clearer.

If you have a few bucks to spare and your TV/reciever supports it, go ahead and get it
I've never really found a 3rd party controller I liked for the Dreamcast, the madcatz ones had a cheap feel to them, kinda like playing with a fischer price controller I'd guess.

As for S-Video, if you're already using RCA inputs you probably don't need to worry about upgrading to s-video unless you're really wanting to get a better picture, most of the time you won't even notice the picture quality anyway. It's something to be nitpicky about but has no long-term advantages, because regardless of what some may say, RCA isn't THAT bad.
No RCA isn't bad at all.

How big is your TV? that can make a difference probably on if you're notice a change
Depends on the TV. On my old TV I didn't notice a significant difference. On my new TV, games look much sharper. Well, its still not a *huge* difference, but the cables didn't exactly cost a fortune.