Sega Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast and Nintendo Goodies

It's been a medical bill kind of year so I've decided to part with some of my treasures. I hope to find them all a great home! I accept Payment via PayPal and only ship to confirmed shipping addresses. If you are uncomfortable with a direct sale, I'd be happy to setup an eBay auction for any of the items. Bundling is great, and as always I'd be happy to provide more pictures and details.

Tototek Sega Genesis Flash Cart - 32mb - $40.00 Shipped
I loved this thing, used it for testing homebrew development and rom hacks. This would include the Flash Cart. A Sonic the Hedgehog MegaDrive Shell, the programmer, and a usb cable to power the programmer.

Modded Sega Saturn Console + Accessories - SOLD
US Model 2 Sega Saturn console complete with Power, S-Video A/V, two of the awesome Model 2 Controllers and a purple Justifier clone Light Gun. A regular mod chip to play backups is installed.

Sega Saturn Pro Action Replay - $30.00 Shipped
This is a nice unit, allows for imports, has some space for memory backups and the Parrellel Port for some light programming.

Sega Saturn Xinga 13 in 1 34M XH-08 (1M/4M Card) - $30.00 Shipped
A 1M/4M Cart. Also has storage for Saves.

Sega Dreamcast Coder's Serial Cable - $45.00 Shipped
Allows one to debug and send binaries to the Dreamcast.

(Note: Some Extras shown in the image above, read the included list)
Black DOL-001 Nintendo Gamecube + Box + Accessories + XenoGC + BBA - $85.00 Shipped
This lot will include:

  • * Black Nintendo Gamecube DOL-001 Console (Has Digital Video Port) - Has Blue Power LED
    * Original Gamecube Box - Has seen better days but is nice to have :D.
    * XenoGC Drive Chip Installed
    * Power Brick, Standard Nintendo Composite A/V, Third Party S-Video A/V Cables
    * Nintendo Wired Controller
    * Wired Controller Extension Cable
    * Nintendo Broadband Adapter
    * Nintendo 59 Block Memory Card

New Gamecube Replacement Laser - $13.00 Shipped

Gamecube Player + Start Up Disc + Manual - SOLD
Black Gamecube Player
Startup Disc + Case + Case Cover (Rare!) + Manual

Black Semi-Transparent XCMgc Full Sized DVD Case - SOLD
I removed the LED parts from the lid (which weren't working) and the Viper Logo from the top. That aside it is in brand new shape.

Wii Key Fusion - Opened - SOLD
Opened and used for a test install in a Wii and then removed. Includes everything that came with the WKF!

megalomaniac MEGADrive + Wii Key Fusion - $50.00 Shipped
I just didn't have time to install this. They are both packaged as I got them, ready for install! For those who don't know this would allow one to load Gamecube games and dols via SD instead of using the drive.