A Funny Video Game Rant.....


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Bad Video Game Trends

This guy is hilarious as to how he depicts video games today. So check out the site!

"Check out any game site and you can find praise for the game Kingdom Hearts for PS2. I played this game for a couple hours and hated it. Why? Because the first hour or so is nothing but running and fetching stupid items. I wanted to scream at the screen, “Get your own fucking coconuts you lazy bitch! Do I have to do everything myself?” The answer is usually yes…yes you do have to do everything yourself. I’m sure it gets better as the game goes but I didn’t wait to find out."


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Strangely enough G&G is still a great game if you can play it without smashing every piece of electronic equipment you own.

Makaimura rules.

Why would they include a long, white haired, dress wearing, girly-man with a woman’s voice throwing flowers around? If it is a matter of creativity, then at least make the characters ACT like a man or have a man’s voice.

Incorrect: Sephiroth (okay, there's got to be a better example of this phenomenon, but my memory's shot)

Correct: Tachibana Ukyo

Speaking of Neo-Geo fighters, how can you complain about cheap boss fights without bringing up SNK? They practically pioneered the cheap boss fight (Fatal Fury 1 Geese Howard, anyone?).