A goldstar in the netherlands

Hello there. I have a Goldstar, without a controller.

And without a game!I hear you thinking:buy one!

But here in the netherlands its almost impossible to find accesoires for the console.

I want to now if the console is working, because then maybe I can buy some with the help of internet.

My question is: Is there a way to test the machine?

I have got 2 cdr with a game on it. Good burn(slow and correct) but those come out of the goldstar after try reading. (I now the goldstar is tricky with cdr)I got original audio cd, and cdr audio cd. Both stay in the system after reading, but the timer stay's on zero.

Does i need a controller to play the first track?

You see, I need help! This is my only way to get it I hope


I forgot to say, the goldstar is made in japan, and also a copy of a kodac photo_cd on cdr is read by the goldstar good .I have burnt my fifth 3do iso ( a demo ) with cdrwin (1xspeed) and again also this one the goldstar spit out. please help....
goldstar units are supposed to be really picky about media, so thats probabbly your problem

i suggest you try a few brands till you get one that works, i have a panasonic fz-1, so i checking what happens without a controller on that unit wouldnt be of much use to you
thank you megametalgreymon for your respons.I think that the media I use is good, beause the photo_cd and audio are accepted by the goldstar. Is this a differend story with the games? I have tried tdk, mitsui ,philips,sony and no label. I will try another brand....

Maybe there are more suggestions?

Is there someone out there with a goldstar who can try the audiocd without the controller?

I wait and see....