A good way to learn japanese

I know alot of people play imports here, an want to learn japanese but figure its too hard.

I did some searchin an found a few tools that are pretty damned good. One of em is give you some katakana, and 5 different choices as to what it is. there are 700some of them on that page. They are pretty useful, especialy for memorizing the characters. Which in effect is what you want to do if you wanna play imports.

Next ones a character chart, and a beginners guide you could say. Good for reference, use it with the above an you'll be actualy remembering the stuff in no time.

an last but not least is a page of several different tools, from on an kun readings via quicktime, to stroke order, kanji, and culture.




Should help some people get underway:)
Ohisashiburidesune - Long time no see

Ohayougozaimasu - Good Morning

Konnichiwa - Good afternoon

Konbanwa - Good evening

Douitashimashite - You're Welcome

Sumimasen - Excuse me

Tastu - Dragon

A (sounds like the "o" in "on")

e (eh)

u (oo)

i (ee)

o (oh)

C'mon! Everyone who knows Japanese extend this thread so they can sticky it for those who need to learn for playing imports! Woohoo!
i'm really not into my mind right now but isn't there some sort of linking characters that can extend into the other sentence so it's in the first sentence and second and has two meanings in both but you have to combine the two to get the real meaing blah blah blah if i figure out what i'm saying i'll edit this post.
Thanks - Arigato

You know, if you know how to speak japanese, and you know hiragana and katakana, kanji will come to you after reading enough manga... atleast that's how my friend learned.

And me?

If I were to go to the country of my mother's ancestors my reading level would be equivalent to that of a second or third graders. How demeaning

woohoo! I hit post 100
Lol, that's hilarious.

Even tho it's a joke, I do agree with the author's point of the grammar structure being somewhat odd for westerners. You'll all laugh when you try directly translating the words into sentences and see what you get

Note: I'm actually not that great with japanese either, I was when I was a little kid but well, never really used the language so I'm rusty with it. *sighs* I hate it when japanese girls laugh at me when I use words out of context
LOL, page was 'interesting'.

heres one for ya, might be of use in games.












then theres





you get the idea.

learning it all will take time, probably 10 years to get it all.
Watashi wa (Name) desu - I am....

Watashi wa (Age) sai desu - I am __ years old

Nihongo - Japanese

Okashii - Funny/Strange

Genki desu ka - How are you?

ii otenki desune - Nice weather isn't it?

Mina - Everyone

Jya matta - See ya!

Haha - Mother

Chichi - Father

Sobo - Grandmother

Sofu - Grandfather

Ani - Older Brother

Ane - Older Sister

Otouto - Younger Brother

Imouto - Younger Sister

Nichiyoubi - Sunday

Getsuyoubi - Monday

Kayoubi - Tuesday

Suiyoubi - Wednesday

Mokuyoubi - Thursday

Kinyoubi - Friday

Douyoubi - Saturday

Otanjyoubi wa itsu desu ka - When is your birthday?

Denwabangou wa nan desu ka - What is your phone number?

Ichigatsu - January

Nigatsu - February

Sangatsu - March

Shigatsu - April

Gogatsu - May

Rokugatsu - June

Shichigatsu - July

Hachigatsu - August

Kyuugatsu - September

Jyuugatsu - October

Jyuuichigatsu - November

Jyuunigatsu - December

As you can see, it's just a number, followed by Gatsu. Also, Four is both Yon and Shi, and Seven is both Shichi and Nana.

I could go on forever with this, but I'll just leave it here, maybe post some more later.
Originally posted by ajnin+June 14 2002,05:48--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(ajnin @ June 14 2002,05:48)</div><div class='quotemain'>here is a funny like of japanese people trying english


I had a good laugh with the one about Toiletries.

@June 15 2002,01:21

damn cloud, what is that? the "datiing simulator" japanese to english dictionary?[/quote]

It's either that, or he learned them from his favorite anime, Sailor Moon.
Just buy a text book and spend some time studying. You're not gonna learn it for real ont he internet and phrases like "hello" "good morning" and "let me see your asshole" really don't help all that much in video games.

Granted there's strategy game Japanese which basically consists of "MINNA, IKUZO" (Everyone, let's go!) and "ORYAAAAAAA" (ORYAAAAAAA) (well not really but dear god are those repeated to death).

A dictionary and even a grammar guide will only get you a little ways. It takes alot of practice and skill development to learn a usable amount to where you can understand more of th egame than "Yes" or "No".
Originally posted by DBOY@June 15 2002,14:30

phrases like "hello" "good morning" and "let me see your asshole" really don't help all that much in video games.

Depends on the type of games you play.
well i imagine if your playin a hentai game that 'asshole' might come in handy

mainly started this topic to show some people couple places that get you ON your way to learning katakana. gotta start somewhere eh.
btw cuple more words jus came to mind.

shizukani=please be quiet.

domane=stfu, shut your pihole, more ruder wording basicaly.
actually shizuka ni is a shortend version shizuka ni shite kudasai of course dependng on the situation and who it's being said to you might want to end with shite kure, shite yo or just shinasai. Japanese has that tendancy to totally omit sentence endings when just a word + particle echo is enough.

If you really want to just shut someone up, urusai~! would probably work a lot better. Don't say it to someone in a higher social position than you as it would be rude. But frankly as far as Japanese is concerned anything beyond giving someone a suggestion who's not your social equal or lesser is rude, sooooooo