A good way to learn japanese

Does any1 know how to pronounce this word:


(It means Dutch)

thanks in advance,
orandago, (you really need ot learn Japanese phonetics to know how to read that. the last "a" on da is somewhat muted. kind of like horrand without the "h"). It's supposed to be an approximaton of holland-go (go is the ideographic character for language). Essentially Holland-sp34k
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here is a funny like of japanese people trying english


I had a good laugh with the one about Toiletries.

@June 15 2002,01:21

damn cloud, what is that? the "datiing simulator" japanese to english dictionary?

It's either that, or he learned them from his favorite anime, Sailor Moon.

Actually, I'm a dubbie (Damn proud of it too!
), even though I do have the subbed versions pf all three movies. Also, I got all that from the Vocab sheets from Japanese I class last year. Next year (Sophomore in Japanese II) I'll be learning Katakana, and a few more Kanji. I can't wait 'till my senior year, in Japanese IV, Sensei he might teach us some naughty stuff!