A guide for a lost fool, please?

Alright, I'm COMPLETELY new to everything on ISO's and MP3 files for games and all that stuff. I was wondering if there was a guide somewhere that can explain everything I need to know about anything, like a "Burning Sega Saturn Games for Dummies" type of guide. Any help would be great. I've just been interested in playing some of the RPG's such as Shining Force, or games like the Radiant Silvergun I've been hearing great things about, since I'm a teen and don't have the 200-300 bucks to buy those two games. So, PLEASE, any help would....help a lot. Thanks!!
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Well, I had already read some of the "how to" guides in the misc. section, but I didn't fully understand everything. I guess I don't understand....like.....what i'm suppose to search for if I wanna find sega saturn ISO's. All I know is that my bro mentioned to me that you can somehow download ISO's off the net, and then burn them to a cd, and then play them on an emulator or on a sega saturn. I don't really understand all the technical stuff like the "BIN", and when it talks about burning in "ISO/MP3" format. Is there a beginner's guide somewhere, or another topic that starts from the beginning for people like me? Or did I again just miss something that I should've looked at? This question has probably been asked a bazillion times by other beginner's, so you're probably getting annoyed. But, uh..........please help me anyways! ???
By the way, you will need a Sega Saturn to play any of the games you burn. At the moment there is no emulator that you can use to play saturn ISOs.
ahhh, thanks a lot mal, that's exactly the type of thing i was asking for!!! then i should be able to understand everything in the miscelanious section of this site (or however you spell that word).

Thanks again!



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