A message from love

if it's a burning sinsation that comes when you urinate it's not really a message from love. Oh wait maybe that is a message. ok i got it if a rash breakes out that's not a message from love.
Don't we usually ban crap like this?
Nah this forum hasnt been active this day and its REALLY starting to be spring time now and love is in the air and more...

Ill skip the court marshal this time

The things you do for love... heh.

*lol* Xavier, nice quote. I just ripped that box set this am and was listening to that (and another fave of mine, "Where Eagles Dare").
Hey are any of the unreleased songs any good from this box set ? I used to have most every cassette tape of theres till some jackass broke into my car and stole most of them now I only have about three . I found a websight callled hybrid moments and made myself a killer mix cd with about 39 tracks on it . heres the link but I guess its down now . These songs are a much better quality than the old tapes I used to have .

I once auditioned to be Jerry Only in a Misfits tribute band, thought it would be kinda fun to dress up and everything. Turns out afterwards that this band is really professional and makes quite a lot of cash around here. I could've made money from playing one-note basslines.. Oh well. I've got a Misfits lunchbox too.

I feel like such a geek
They gave it to someone they knew.. I doubt it'd be possible to be rejected for a Misfits tribute on the grounds of talent! Mainly I just wanted to dress up and go 'WHOA OH-OH' and stuff, which I can do in the comfort of my bedroom I guess
Questions about what's 'punk' and what's not seem to cause so many arguments.. I think when they were going 'properly' (ie with Glenn Danzig, early 80's) they were pretty unpopular, didn't sell many records or tickets. But now they're like a marketing machine more than a band, impressive how they can sustain it over so long. 'Walk Among Us' was like the only real album the classic line-up made, all the rest were compilations, singles, covers etc. Bit of a strange band I guess.. So I don't know the answer to that question
ya i understand that i mean during the 80s hardly anyone really knew about them but now i see young kids wearing like misfit shirts and having misfit patches on their jackets and stuff like that. i only enjoy a few of their songs many others eh. i always enjoyed last caress.
Glenn Danzig's old enough to be your dad! He is a pretty scary looking man (until you remember his lyrics). I'd like to see him and Henry Rollins have a fight.

It is weird to see kids wearing Misfits stuff now, I dunno. I don't know about in the States but over here there's been this thing for band t-shirts like Motorhead and AC/DC in the high street shops. You see people walking around who probably think AC/DC is like this cool new fashion label.
ya i know who he is i think henry would win in a fight. Here in the US during the 80s the misfits weren't that popular(at least in my area) and now i see kids wearing their stuff all the time and i'm not sure how old danzig is but i'm assuming he'd be one young dad for me.
I was talking to Cynnamin

Henry seems mellower these days though, bringing out bad jazz-funk-rock records.