A new Sega Saturn problem?

Now.This is a problem someone expained to me and i want to know what you think about it.

The Saturn can't display the RGB signal anymore.Only normal composite.The TV is swithed to the AV channel,then the Saturn is turned on,you get RGB signal for about a second and then it automaticly switches to normal composite.The Saturn has been opened and the following thing has been reported:


You see the long black thing under the AV connections?Theres a silver round thingy next to it.Under that there's a black chip that looks burned up at the problematic Saturn.This isn't the one its just a pic of the board,so you can imagine where the problem is.

It is a PAL Model 1 Saturn.

Thanks in advance.
So that's what the inside of a model 1 looks like...

Can you read the numbers on top of the chip, or is it too burnt?

It looks to be about the right size and position to be the Video encoder chip. The RGB 'pass through' part of the chip could be damaged.

Who knows? In any case it would be quite difficult to replace.
Repared!Well kinda....

Fist of all it wasn't a burned out chip.It is on the back of the board.It was a little boxy part about 3 mm small(labeled L10).Its between the hole and the AV out.That was totaly burned out.At a tr to take it out it comletely fell apart :) Well,the guy took a cable and connected the too points that the little thing connected and it works...RGB signal....

the problem is:for how long will it work?Could that be a resistor?Maybe the next time the whole saturn video unit will burn out...dunno..
That little box thing sounds like the thing I had burn out on my (Model 2) Saturn. The component is about 2mm wide by 3mm long, it's labeled R16. The component had burned out, and was hanging on to the mainboard by one of its two pins... but, when I touched it the box fell off.

Before I found the burned out component, I was getting a horrible sound when bright colours where on screen. Plus, the colours looked all horrible.

Well, that's my contribution.. Pretty pointless really.

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