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Ok, this doesn't really have to do with anything important. But i have trouble reading silently a lot. When i read, its like a hundred people are shouting the words to me in my mind and it echos, thus making it hard to concentrate on what im reading. Strange? Is that normal at all, or could it be a problem? :blink:

PS... sorry for the few minuts i just took from your life! :D

Its alright. Im not on any medication any more. Infact, i just went to the doctors yesterday and said i don't need anymore chemo. But i get plenty of jokes from those around me about it.

Another thing i notice is that if there is a lot of noise in the room then i can read fine. Just when its real quiet.
as far as i know thats normal

do you happen to do alot of various things around noise

i knew a couple people like that in school -- they had to do thier studying in the cafeteria or lounge -- some teachers alowed headphones during tests

my sister is like that so is my boss -- (they dont hear screming ) but they cant do any reading or serius work unless theres noise -- but if they have to they have to

if this isnt all the time then probbaly not a problem

mabey you need to take some (brain) vitamins

disclaimer (just in case): im not a doctor if you want definitive opion go see a physician
hehe, funny how everyone is worried about offending everyone else.....I see it as a good thing however. Better than people bein assholes for no reason.