A small proposal.



Ok. The going rule now is you are not allowed to request ISO's. That is fine. I think it is annoying when people come and say "Can someone give me xxxx game?" or "I'll trade someone the xxxx iso for xxxx iso." But in time, we all want what we want. We don't want to download games that are upped by chance. So, I think this rule should/could be modified to make it ok to request an iso be upped to a certain FTP. So instead of the rule being: "NO REQUESTING ISO'S!", it can be modified to say: "NO REQUESTING ISO'S UNLESS IT IS TO BE UPPED TO AN FTP POSTED ON THE BOARD FOR ALL TO SHARE". Just my opinion. Maybe we can take a vote on it (at the moderators' discretion, of course)?
maybe a new section for that? as long as it doesn't turn out like mysticales short lived bitching section.
What the hell?!? BigDAlcala, your so two-faced man!

First you had a post totaly deleted by mods because you posted ROMz links... Then A second ago you were posting all this shiz about how you KNOW the rules and that you were wronged and your ebay post wasn't braking them (when others said your original post did).... And now after all the mods hard work to clean up all that crap you tried to pull, you have the nerve to start bitching to mods asking why we can't request ISO's and games? This has been discussed so many times before, and the rules go out of the way to state this fact. It isn't up to debate, its the LAW here.

On top of all this, you also started bitching to mods about how ROMz should be allowed or some crap like that.

I mean what the hell is this!? Are you just posting to boost your count, or are you really that ignorent and stupid?!?
Hey, mods, I'm gonna refrain from calling this guy a dumbass just because I don't want any more flame wars on this board. It's getting pretty out of hand.

Update: Oh yeah, try to up some games. Then you can bitch. At least I bring something to this site.
If you can't figure that out, then you obviously have yet to get a life of your own. Don't worry buddy, I have a life. The only question now is: Do you?
Hey guys, (*Waves to Skank!*)

If anyone should be angry it would be me. I haven't said anything during this time, because I feel adding additional friction (among your peers of whom you may be suck with for the rest of your time here) doesn't contribute to anything productive. However, in regards to Chicken's points, I think they are very valid. If anyone is allowing things to get "out of hand" I think your posts are the *key* motivating factors which lead to such problems. If anything, I think mods like Skank do the best THEY CAN to keep things in order. But when you post rants about why Romz and Isoz can't be posted, you continue to undo all the work they try to achive!
BigDAlcala, thats an interesting rebuttal from a guy who WAS going to call me a dumbass as a defense???!?

And ya, Im with gamefoo21. In such a short amount of time, something’s got to be up with that. Accusing people, posting Romz and all of this stuff has got to be some cheap stunt to get popular or get a higher post count.
Sorry if you guys don't like it when people come and be active in this site. And by the way, I never called you a dumbass. I refrained from calling you a dumbass
A hint to the mentally challenged: THIS is bold. THIS IS JUST CAPS.
Hi Dan,

Just for the record, I think most *sensible* people got the "jist" of what you ment, so don't bother. LOL =P

He's just trying to dance around to boost his post count, and maybe cause more trouble. I think a Can of ban was comming soon to stop this soon anyways.
Ummmm, everyone calm down and just have a taco. I don't see how a SUGGESTION ends with everyone pulling out their Flaming arrow cannons and nobody slowing down to realize, "It was a suggestion". Just say not a good idea. Leave it at that. Less people walk away angry at someone they don't even know. And just for the record, BigDAlcala has only uploaded to my ftp since it started. He hasn't requested any games at all. Just one of the about 4 or 5 people thats actually helped me to decide where to go when I make a SUGGESTION on my board.

Hope I made my point.
Uh... last time I checked, uploading a few games doesn't exempt you from jackass status on the boards. You get treated fairly like anyone else. That includes being banned.

Originally posted by Trenton net@July 19 2002, 2:42 pm

Uh... last time I checked, uploading a few games doesn't exempt you from jackass status on the boards.

i checked up on that a minute ago too and it hasn't changed.