About internal memory...

I have a pal model 2 saturn. I got it this month:). I made the 50-60htz switch and i started collecting classics:) Anyway my problem is that i ve saved in the internal memory Nights and Panzer Dragoon Saga and tody after 3 days i tried load Nights but gave a message to clear memory with the menu manager. I cleared it$&*$ and as you can guess my saves are f....d!! I expected that anyway....:( Now the question is that my problem is the battery of the internal memory OR that for 3 days i had saturn off the power (the power cord was on my Dreamcast :) ) or something else....? Shit i can't find anywhere an external memory card and i don't have a credit card.....:( any solution or advices?
It's most likely that the internal battery is dead, i haven't played my saturn in weeks and my saves are still there... it's only a couple bucks for the battery and that'll last you at least a year or two, sure beats buying a memory cart unless you plan on playing save intensive games

Actually, just re-reading your post here.. if nights told you to clear up memory, then that means your internal memory is full. Nights takes up a big chunk of mem for A-life as well as your game save. So unless you do buy a memory cart, you have to do some creative memory management

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the battery lasts 3 years+ in the saturn

the same battery (x2) is used in the dc vmu's, and lasts about 2 months without playing the minigames

go figure

sega should have used AA batteries in the vmus i think, since they have higher capacity and are cheaper to buy
Yep i remember playing the mini games when the import power stone came out.That was crap the batteries din't last long....