About making cinepak vidoes?

I know this topic has been talk about many times.. I already know the answer to this... but I'm really bored right now... and was wondering... if a way have been figured out to convert video clips to the cinepak format.. yes.. I do already know the drawbacks of this format... but as I stated before I'm bored and looking for something silly and fun to do with my Modded Saturn...I think making the video wouldn't be hard... but having something to program to play them is the problem.. if I'm correct about all the other posts on this subject I read... I do have that Cinepak codec for windows that will play Saturn video's in the windows media player.. and I later used Virtual dub to see if I could convert videos to that format.. and it do work... but I think the AVI structure it the wrong format for holding audio and video together on a single streams... but game like Night has 2 sperate files... 1 for video, 1 for audio... which seems to produce better sound and video... perhaps one day.. someone will figure this out... to bad the saturn wasn't easier to figure out.
I'm at work right now, so I don't have it with me. I'll email it to you when I get home later tonight. Send me a PM with your email in the meantime. I've already sent you mine.