About to mod my Saturn...

I'm about to put a mod board in my Saturn which is the version with the Sanyo board. I've heard some people say this model is not worth modding cuz of the PC trap, but some say it's not that bad. Can anyone give me some pointers before starting? Will this end up being a headache?
Originally posted by FlakBeard@Jul 1, 2003 @ 12:47 PM

Will this end up being a headache?

Almost certainly.

I've only heard of one person successfully modding a Saturn with the PC trap using a currently available mod. I have no idea what made his mod or installation any different from anyone elses, so it's pot luck as to whether it will work for you.

It may be possible using an older style 'pass-through' mod, but I've not seen a credible source for those for a long time, if ever.
If it does work, it'd be good to hear where you got your board and exactly what you did do though. Might help others out there in that situation.
It might and it might not.

MikeG is the only one to have got it to work that I know of. I've tried the very same install myself with no luck. As I said, there may be some factor that we're unaware of that made his work and others fail, but it remains a mystery. :huh